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Car tracker in action in France showing how the Automatrics MTrack stolen car GPS tracking system works

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Stolen Range Rover recovered from France On 09 February 2017 we received an area alert from a customer’s Range Rover. The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery GPS car tracking system detected the stolen car entering a forbidden zone close to the Chunnel crossing at Folkestone. The international hire car clients were contacted and tried but without success to contact the hirer. The clients then confirmed that the car had been stolen through a fraudulent hire. The car travelled to Calais, France and had then parked up outside the Holiday Inn.

The car tracking device GPS signal was further tracked showing that the £60K 2016 plate Range Rover had travelled between the hotel and a local supermarket. Our client national security manager fetched the spare key and a plan was made meet-up with an Automatrics finder ASAP in Ashford. Both the client and the finder travelled together in a search vehicle via the Chunnel rail crossing to start an operation to snatch the car back.

Colleagues of the hire car company were contacting in France and they were asked to attend the vehicle stopped location and if safe to do so to then remove the wheel air valves to deflate the tyres. The idea being to leave the vehicle stranded to gain some extra valuable time to allow the find recovery team to arrive on site with the spare key.

The find team arrived at site to find the stolen Range Rover with a driver still on-board. The security manager approached the man to question and remove him from the car. After recording the driver details he was instructed to leave the vehicle, the car tyres were reflated and it was driven back to the UK back through the Chunnel crossing. The entire recovery operation went like clockwork and was completed in under twelve hours. Automatrics thanked the client and their French colleagues for such a great team effort.

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