Unlike traditional GPS tracking devices the Automatrics MTrack system has two additional location tracking  technologies.

GSM  Timing Advance and a secret  RF radio beacon to find assets hidden indoors, in underground car parks or inside shipping containers, even if a GPS jammer is used.

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    Welcome to Automatrics, we have been securing assets with our unique theft recovery and asset tracking service since 2006. We are a fully committed, customer focused company who strive to achieve the highest performance. We care deeply about each and every customer, supplying a more personal service. We operate a professional award winning service, that's friendly and reassuring to our clients achieving an independent 98% customer satisfaction for The Ultimate Customer Service Jackie McMahon Customer Services
Tracker System Police Car for Automatrics MTrack Tracker recovery operations

Choose Automatrics as one of the world's best security tracking system providers.

Benefit from a direct and  a more secure service with no middlemen or reseller networks. We ensure that when needed, our high quality systems perform to provide reliable security protection, peace of mind and value for money.

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    Hi there, with over two hundred tracking companies in the UK it can be difficult to find a credible tracker solution for you. We understand how important it is for you to make the right choice when selecting your security or asset tracking supplier. This could be to protect a precious personal item or for tracking groups of assets for some of the worlds largest corporations. Our in-house expert programmers monitor and track assets 24/7 to ensure we deliver our clients with The Ultimate Security Protection Richard Taylor Managing Director

" We also supply our International tracker services for consumers and businesses who live or operate from outside the UK "

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    Small, battery powered devices, easy to self-fit and transfer

    The only Police  CPI preferred UK tracking provider

    Unique RF/GSM/GPS  Indoor + outdoor recovery technology

    Buy Online with next day delivery

    Annual, monthly or 3 year discount purchase options

    End user Internet Web access as standard

    World coverage, and a three year warranty

    NaVCIS National and International Police support agreement

    Thatcham Quality Assurance Certified, Insurance accepted

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  • Automatrics MTrack                                                                     System Information

    Our Innovative Award Winning Trackers are simply

    World Class

    98%  Recovery

    GPS, GSM, RF

    Location Technology

    Tracker from Automatrics MTrack


  • Police CPI Secured by Design                                    Police Preferred Specification

    The Only Police Preferred Stolen Vehicle Recovery System

    POLICE CPI   SBD Police Preferred

    Award Winning


    Tracker Secured By Design member


  • NaVCIS National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service                    Police Agreement

    Our Service is Partnered BY  NaVCIS

    National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service

    Police  Recovery

    National Unit

    Supplied with Automatrics Radio Frequency Receivers

  • Thatcham Quality Assurance                                 British Insurers Approval Scheme

    All of our Tracking Systems are independently tested to

    Thatcham Quality Assurance Criteria

    CAT 7

    Indoor and Outdoor recovery tested + many more features

    Accepted by virtually all insures worldwide


    Thatcham Approved Tracker CAT 7
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