Thatcham Research is the motor insurers’ automotive research centre. Established by the motor insurance industry in 1969, with a focus to contain or reduce the cost of motor insurance claims whilst maintaining safety standards. The Automatrics MTrack Proactive model is a Self-Powered approved device with GPS, GSM and RF Location.

Automatrics MTrack Proactive Thatcham Approved Tracker

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Insurance Accepted Through Thatcham

Some Insurance companies ask for Thatcham Certified Trackers to be fitted on high risk or high value policies. Thatcham prior to Oct 2018 had three tracking categories. Thatcham Standard features are highlighted yellow in the below function table. P5 Plant / CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7. Automatrics MTrack devices were certified under CAT 7  but carry far more features than all the Thatcham standards put together, please check:


 Automatrics MTrack additional security features.

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Automatrics MTrack

Automatrics Thatcham Approved Trackers History

Automatrics Thatcham Certification started back in 2009,  MTrack Active TQA114  MTrackPro TQA115, MTrack Boatwatch TQA116 and MTrackPro Boatwatch TQA117. All early models had GSM and RF location and the MTrackPro variants also were additionally equipped with GPS. Our model three units were released in May 2013,  the Automatrics MTrack TQA340 a 2-4 year self powered, Automatrics MTrack Proactive TQA339  an 18-24 month self powered rechargeable and Automatrics MTrack Active TQA338 a wired unit. All these tracking units featured GPS, GSM and RF location and remain the smallest self powered devices ever tested by Thatcham. Thatcham changed to S5 and S7 standards in Oct 2018.

Thatcham Trackers CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7 features here...
Why do Insurers request Thatcham Certified Trackers ?

Insurance companies are at risk from theft and can mitigate the risk by requesting owners to fit high quality and independantly tested after theft recovery tracking systems.

Automatrics were the first company to take a self powered tracker through Thatcham in 2009 and we continued to have our products certified until 2018. We propsed a new points based system standard in 2013 which was supported by SBD and NaVCIS police, howerever this was deemed too complicated by Thatcham.

Thatcham security / theft recovery standards have slipped since Oct 2018. The ABI focus is now more on autonomous breaking and the Thatcham 8 man security team has now been reduced to 2. The insurers wanted to open up more affordable easy to manage security systems, however just about any GPS device can pass it as long as it can last 2 minutes !... more affordable does not bring more performance. Thatcham do not consider a tracking companies theft recovery performance (real word recovery system performance). Automatrics have 98% recovery performance. Thatcham do not consider customer service. Automatrics have an independent 5 star customer service

The October 2018 new Thatcham S5 and S7 standards are rigid and easily defeated, most systems are wired to the vehicle and give off traceable signals, they can even still have external antennas, all rendered useless by a £5 GPS jammer. We do not agree with Thatcham setting a fix rigid standard for all companies to build similar devices. Thatcham also fail to recognise additional high functionality, or performance or customer services. The rigid fixed standard from Thatcham basically means there is no need for suppliers to innovate new high performing solutions which can keep pace with criminals. Instead they innovate to get the lowest manufacture cost to pass Thatcham.

For these reasons Automatrics no longer look at Thatcham as being the security standard benchmark in theft recovery tracking system or approvals.

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