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  • Automatrics MTrack Police  Approved Trackers
    Automatrics awarded Police CPI Secured By Design Membership press release
  • Find out more about Automatrics Police CPI Secured By Design theft recover tracking approval ...
    Police Approved Trackers ... or the more official Police Preferred Specification can only be awarded through Police Crime Prevention Initiatives Limited Secured By Design program.Established in 1989, Secured by Design (SBD) is owned by the Mayor's Office for Police and Crime (MOPAC) on behalf of the UK police services . MOPAC is also the public authority responsible for the Metropolitan Police and the National Police Chief's Council (NPCC).
    SBD focus on designing out crime and who acknowledge and award membership to products that achieve their required quality standards, these products can then be presented with the SBD Logo and listed as s Police Preferred Specification

    Automatrics won Secured By Design award in August 2014 following an invitation and an application review of our business

    As service providers of Thatcham approved trackers tested to CAT 7 where Thatcham engineers test to recover protected assets hidden away without any GPS signals, such as when a GPS jammer is in use or if stolen vehicles are simply hidden from GPS satellites. Automatrics tracking devices all have RF Radio Frequency technology which can detect signals inside buildings, lock-ups or steel shipping containers

    Automatrics have a police Service Level Agreement with NaVCIS (National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service). Being a national police unit they are well positioned to support Automatrics recovery operations and they have been supplied with Automatrics specialist radio receiver equipment.

    When GPS signals are jammed or hidden from satellite view, signal finders will use hand-held radio direction receivers to pick up and then home-in on the Automatrics MTrack’s audibly silent secret RF radio finding frequency. The Automatrics multilayer location technology approach with both Police CPI Secured By Design and NaVCIS Police support gives all of products and services a distinct advantage that will keep the criminals guessing !

    Uniquely Automatrics are the only Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) tracking provider to have the official Police preferred specification approval award.
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