Automatrics Tracker Top 10

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Top Ten System Features

Unbeaten Accuracy

Our triple layer location technology can position to less than 1 metre accuracy

Immune to GPS jamming

We can locate assets hidden inside or outside, with or without GPS positioning

2 - 4 year self powered battery that's virtually impossible for criminals to scan

Users can recharge or replace battery, and unlike wired devices these cannot be scanned


Small easy to transfer no external wiring or antenna’s, the quickest install in the business


Strong high quality construction, future proof electronics and waterproof IP67 enclosure

Alarms on movement with use of remote control arming device

If criminal uses the keys or through electronic compromise (key cloning) we contact you

User Internet access

View battery life, request a GSM or GPS position on integrated Google Commercial maps

Low cost

Lowest annual charge and free transference, simply refit on your next asset without charge

Self fit and transference

The system can be used Worldwide, easily hidden, just a quick test over the phone

Nowhere to hide

Detection possible in underground car parks, shipping containers or in the back of a van

The Ultimate Security Protection

Automatrics MTrack