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Top Ten Service Features

98% Recovery Performance since 2009

Works across all mobile networks, Automatrics will also deploy our staff on indoor recovery

Police CPI Secured By Design - Police Preferred Specification

The ONLY official Police preferred supplier for Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Thatcham Quality Assurance - Certified and Insurance Recognised

TQA CAT 7 (Radio Location) capable of locating assets hidden indoors or outdoors

NaVCIS Partner  -  National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service partner,

National and international police support on recovery operations with our finding equipment

Security Innovation Award Winning Service

Plantworx 2013 winner, UK Business and Industry Tracking Company of the year

Direct Control

Automatrics provide all services direct, through qualified and professional screened staff

World Wide Support

NaVCIS support with Interpol to help locate and repatriate any UK stolen asset if abroad

IAATI - International Association Of Auto Theft Investigators member

Theft Investigators member support through global networks

Preferred Supplier

Quality preferred, high profile projects, for the BBC, Greenpeace and many more

98% Customer Satisfaction

Five star customer service, with an independent customer review from Working Feedback

The Ultimate Security Protection

Automatrics MTrack