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Automatrics do not operate the more  typical tracker fitting reseller networks conducted by competitors, neither do we hassle or cold call potential clients. Instead we prefer to adopt a more professional approach where If you want a flexible and professional world class security tracking service that puts you in control ..... then you will soon find us.


Our customers often approach us through a personal recommendation  or find our unique tracking services on-line.


Automatrics can be directly contacted and customers benefit from working directly with us as system providers, without the need for any go-betweens or commercial mark-ups from middle men.


We considered our customers could say far more about us then we could ever say. So we entrusted a market leading independent customer feedback specialist firm to help us monitor, record and learn from what our clients have to say about our service.


Automatrics achieved a five star rating within the first 8 months of registration and you can read some customer  feedback comments  below.

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