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Automatrics MTrack Outboard Tracker for the Ultimate Outboard Security Protection
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    Outboard Security Best Practice

    Outboard Security can be a constant worry representing an easy target for organised crime with 100,s of outboard engines stolen every year. Inadequate security and high values make outbord engines vulnerable and with little chance of thieves ever being caught it’s all too easy. Most stolen outboards are never seen again.

    Incorporating preventive measures such as physical locks makes sense but nothing will stop a determined thieve. The ultimate security protection can only be achieved through fitment of the Automatrics MTrack outboard engine tracking device. We provide the best outboard trackers in the business. When all else fails fitting our police approved outboard tracker provides a 98 % recovery opportunity.

    We have been securing outboard engines with Thatcham certification Insurance trackers for outboards for over 8 years. The Automatrics MTrack covert and wireless self-powered tracking devices achieves sector leading recovery performance, significantly higher than any other self powered or wired GPS outboard tracker.

    Our outboard tracking devices are perfect for outboard engine security having strong and robust IP67 casing, being small and portable maximises flexibility when transferring between assets. “Fit for Function” in terms of our high quality design, manufacture and award winning outboard tracker service. Stolen outboards are often hidden from the sky where GPS tracking on its own simply is not good enough, our Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) outboard tracking systems utilise multi-layer GPS, GSM and RF location technology to recover stolen outbaords hidden in the most challenging of environments, such as inside shipping containers and lockups o when a GPS jammer is used.

    Outboard security systems require this higher Automatrics MTrack tracker functionality, where we go far beyond any other outboard tracker standard or functionality to ensure your outboard engine remains safe, and we keep the criminals guessing !


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