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Yes once the unit is tested with owners we issue an electronic PDF insurance registration certificate. We need to detail the vehicle make, model, colour, registration and VIN on the certificate

Any customer can request internet access to view devices online (without charge). Our server is internet based on a HTTPS: secure site, customers are provided with a unique username and password.


Users can request a GPS and GSM position on the unit next wake cycle - View battery life and the end of life forecast tool -Arm and disarm the remote control on the unit next wake cycle - Upload a photo of your protected asset - Arm or disarm the device motion sensor (if no remote control option) - Access archived positions - View all protected assets on one map.


Units report a GSM position every 7 days as part of our health checks.

Yes, our non wired systems do not connect to the vehicle electrics in any way. 


No manufacturer will invalidate any warranty if customers fit our self powered devices

Yes we provide several different purchase options for hardware and monitoring, these include a subsidised  Easy Pay monthly system and also an option to cover 3 years monitoring in advance. Please check out our BUY page or call us.


At the end of a 3 year monitoring you can contact us to request the latest discount prices to ensure further savings can be made.

Yes, we believe our customers satisfaction is our number one priority and we will always try to improve in this area.


We work with The Disc, Working Feedback an independent and professional customer feedback company, they help us gain important and valued customer feedback so we can review and ensure the best possible ongoing service.


Our customer feedback currently achieves a five star ranking of 98%  

Yes, you can check online for quantity discounts or contact us for any bespoke system pricing or special project need.

Prices for 1, 3 year or monthly 24/6 monitoring and our theft finding services can be selected once the product is added to the cart.

Automatrics will also cover the first £200 of any theft finding recovery transport or storage 

Please choose your model and check prices on our Buy Page here

Yes, our service is recognised by 


NaVCIS National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service. (national police partner agreement)


Police CPI Secured By Design.  (Police Preferred Specification)


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Access to our Secure Server with integrated Google commercial license,  including street view - Internet access to view device or multiple device positions and status with option to remotely arm the unit - Upload photo of protected asset for ease of submission to police - Cross all UK networks and international roaming enabled Simcard, for both standard GPRS and on poor reception network additional coverage via SMS



All unit alarms are received by our server these are viewed and interrogated in detail by our programmers before they decide the appropriate customer and unit reprogramming response.




We provide 24/7 service support and radio finding operational personnel when required

This includes us covering a stolen vehicles transportation or storage fee charge of up to a maximum value of £200




Systems tests, reconfigure unit to bespoke client needs




Automatrics are members of IAATI the International Association of Auto Theft Investigators, this helps us contact other members for support on a global basis. In addition Automatrics have an SLA  partner agreement with NaVCIS the National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service
, NaVCIS have connectivity with international Law Enforcement including Interpol 

No extra charge for the theft recovery situation which will require an Automatrics radio finder to be deployed.. Automatrics will dispatch a radio signal finder to help locate assets where the GPS signals are being jammed, or blocked from Satellite view such as underground or where law enforcement are too slow to react or they require our support to precisely locate a vehicle out of sight such as hidden within a group of buildings or garages. 

When you sell on you can: 


Contact us and remove the unit to fit to your next asset.  (there is no charge to transfer your system)


Assign ownership of your system to the new owner , all remaining monitoring will simply pass to the new owners.


Return the unit to us to recycle, please contact us at the time to request a Buy Back price for your system model.

When a trigger event, such as an illegal movement, tamper, area, low battery or power-loss alarm is received from your tracking device we systematically process your four emergency contact numbers, via SMS, phone calls or when required email. If a false alarm is suspected you are prompted to send alarm reset SMS responses. 


If reporting a theft "after the event" you call us on +44 (0) 1329 663812. We record details and make the required connections to your tracking device. You then contact the police to obtain a CRN Crime Reference Number.


Automatrics manage find operations for you. On connection with the tracking device we will try to source an accurate GPS fix to direct the police to the location. However, more often these days a significant number of stolen assets are deliberately hidden from GPS satellite view. In these situations, we immediately deploy a radio signal finder supplied by Automatrics. Finders use specialised radio direction tracking technology with an accuracy of less than one metre to locate your stolen asset. Once located either the police or our own personnel will stand guard over the protected asset until it can be safely recovered. You can choose a police recovery, (fee's may apply) or alternatively you can arrange your own recovery.  

Automatrics will cover up to £200 towards recovery transportation or storage fees.

If you wish to recover your stolen or lost asset and keep hold of it,  then this is a good reason to purchase our system.


Insurance will cover theft in most circumstances, but there are exceptions,  for example if  the keys are left in an unlocked vehicle,  thousands of people do this simply without realising such as, defrosting windscreens whilst they stay in the house.



Also a claim for theft cannot be blamed on a third party,  it is a full policy holder responsible claim and the entire value goes on their insurance claim profile to be shared with other insurance companies. This leaves a somewhat significant black mark where premiums will vastly increase for a period of up to 5 years. No claims protection will not prevent insurance cost increase as this system will only discount premiums, if the premium doubles or trebles as a consequence of a theft claim then all policy holders will pay significantly more. 

Yes, our systems operate in all countries that support the GPRS / SMS/ GSM mobile communication networks. Unlike some competitors our SIM cards are automatically enabled for roaming from the point of purchase as part of our standard service. Should a radio find operation be required abroad this is co-ordinated and managed by our company without any additional cost to clients.


UK based assets are automatically covered for trips abroad. But customers who wish to protect assets that are based outside the UK should choose the  "Based Outside the UK" purchase option to ensure their long term SIM card roaming coverage need is applied.

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