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Yes, all devices have batteries which can be either recharged or replaced. If a replacement battery is required we will advise you and send out easy fit battery service kits which come complete with instructions, the new battery pack, clean wipe, adhesive tape and the required torx driver bit. You can order replacement kits online or call us to place any battery replacement orders.


Old removed batteries should be recycled at your local refuge collection site.

Yes, that is the beauty of our self powered systems, there are no external fitting or transfer fee's required and what's more the unit becomes even more secure because you are the only person who knows where the device is hidden.


However, the Automatrics MTrack Active wired units for clients who require Thatcham certification must be fitted by an Automatrics authorised fitting agent, this is an additional customer paid for service so please contact us to arrange this if required.

Yes, the device is IP67 rated suitable for internal or external fitting.


No ingress of dust, complete protection against contact. (dust tight)


Water jets, no Ingress of water in harmful quantity under defined conditions of pressure and time. (up to 1 m of submersion)

132 x 64 x 40 mm       Automatrics MTrack (replaceable battery)

132 x 64 x 40 mm       Automatrics MTrack Proactive (rechargeable)

132 x 64 x 20 mm       Automatrics MTrack Active (wired with battery backup)

There are no direct comparisons to our Automatrics MTrack theft recovery systems, our products and services are entirely unique in a number of key areas.


GPS, GSM and RF location - The first ever battery certified Thatcham device that still remains the only rechargeable system - The only Police preferred Police specification Secured By Design - 98% theft recovery performance - 98 % customer satisfaction - UK and International clients - Unlimited number different usage configurations. (set to clients needs)


List of functions:

The Automatrics MTrack Proactive model uses a 7.2A/hr rechargeable battery this should last 18-26 months before requiring a 12 hour recharge. A vehicle battery connection cable is supplied as standard to recharge or you can select an optional mains charger.


The Automatrics MTrack model uses a 10 A/hr replacable battery which will last 24-48 months before it requires replacing.


The main reason for variance in battery life is attributed to the mobile signal strength where the asset is stored,  in a poor mobile reception area the unit will use greater power levels to connect,  so in these conditions expect the lower end of life range.


We contact customers with low battery warnings, the system is configured to signal low battery warnings to customers approximately 12 weeks before a recharge or replacement battery is required. 

The Remote Control (RC) is used to arm and disarm the motion sensor. (max 4 x RCs per device)

This upgrades the system to a  "Proactive Tracking Device" specification where the device will immediately notify our server on any illegal movement, we then contact owners within five minutes (criteria required for Thatcham test standard). 


The RC can alternatively be reconfigured by us to set and check a GSM or a GPS area (Geo-Fence) on each twelve hour wake cycle, used for example when a boat is kept on an exposed mooring where movement would be normal. 


You should select the RC option to protect assets kept on storage sites or for vehicles that can be stolen without the keys (through electronic compromise or OBD key reprogramming). Most car brands are now exposed to this type of theft, especially BMW, Audi, VW, Land Rover. We would advise all motorcycle owners also to select the RC option as their machines can be quickly stripped down.


Alternatively without an RC owners must firstly discovery the theft, contact us and possibly wait up to six hours (unit sleep cycle) before the unit can present us with live reporting.  


We optimise the motion sensor sensitivity remotely to minimise false alarms, for say poor weather conditions or passing traffic

This depends on your insurer, some insurers mandate for a Thatcham Theft recovery tracking device to be installed and these may not apply any discount. Please ask your insurer this question and confirm to them that all units are Thatcham CAT 7 certified and are the only police preferred after theft recovery systems with ACPO Secured by Design membership.

Yes,  all our devices are equipped with three separate location technologies, our highly accurate GPS is great provided the asset is not hidden from the sky or a GPS jammer is in use. In these cases we use a second technology layer of GSM mapping techniques including "Timing Advance" and mobile cell site triangulation. This GSM positioning method helps us target an approximate search location map of about 50 - 300 metres in built up urban areas or up to 3 KM in more rural locations. 


We then enable a secret radio transmitter, the signals can penetrate concrete and irradiate out of shipping containers and this can then be detected. Our operatives or the police will use a handheld radio signal direction receiver tuned to match the unit frequency to guide personnel to the tracking device with an accuracy of less than 1 metre.

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