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Customer called us at 04.30 this morning to report his Transit pickup stolen from Barking. The Automatrics MTrack was activated to report the vehicle parked in a residential street some 5 miles to the North. The customer confirmed the vehicle had been secured and recovered with police support before 08.00am 


Customer reported his KTM 1290 motorcycle stolen from his friends garage South West of Northampton. We alarmed the unit but were unable to obtain a GPS fix so we dispatched a radio signal finder to North East Northampton (approx. 21 miles from the theft site). The Automatrics radio signal finder arrived on site just before midday to confirm the radio signal was present, and then waited patiently for police support. Police were very busy dealing with emergency calls and finally attended at 6PM.  The finder homed in on the stolen bike which was located inside a Transit van parked in a residential area. The bike could be clearly identified by its owner who attended the location by checking the front wheel which could be seen through the drivers window despite the van being locked. The Police arranged for the van to be towed off for forensics. We think other stolen goods could be inside and await further police updates.


We took a call Monday morning from a customer reporting his Bobcat B10 Z 1 ton Mini Excavator had been stolen from a residential site near Sheffield.  Apparently the theft was caught on camera by a neighbour who filmed three men involved between 4-5PM on Sunday 16th May 2021, until he was then spotted and attacked with a ratchet strap.



We remotely triggered the Automatrics MTrack system to connect and report a GPS position some 120 miles away in a residential street on the outskirts of Middlesbrough. The customer meet with police at the search location 2 hours later to knock the door where the digger had been parked on a drive. The door opened and a male individual reported that he purchased the machine, but then proceeded to run fr the scene. The machine looked to be undamaged and the police will follow up their enquiries for a possible arrest.



We received a call from a hire car company at 19.30 advising a 2019 plate Range Rover had been stolen. The Automatrics MTrack reported a change in vehicle location within a local area of north East London. Automatrics dispatched a radio signal finder. The car was soon located by the recovery team working with Met Police in a residential street in Upper Walthamstow. Police recovered the vehicle for forensics. 


We received a call from a hire car company advising one of their BMW 140i cars had been stolen. The Automatrics MTrack reported a change in vehicle location within a local area of north East Manchester from 04.00 this morning. The car had been left in a residential street, but then was on the move driving around local streets. Police took up chase with a dog unit and Police helicopter. Automatrics were sending updates every 10 seconds to the police pursuit teams. The vehicle stopped and was abandoned, police took up chase but failed to catch the driver although he has been recognised.



After a client failed to return their hire vehicle or take any calls our customer raised a theft by fraud alarm. They requested Automatrics to locate the hire vehicle for them which was now being treated as stolen.


We triggered the Automatrics MTrack into an alarm and tracked the vehicle in North London, through Kensington and Shepherds Bush area waiting for an opportune stationary location, to attempt a snatch back. We received a viable location in London W6, this was sent to a customer led team on the ground who snatched the car back with the spare keys today at 3PM.


Great work Mel and the snatch back team another £60K motor safely back with the owners. 👍🚔😁



We took a call from a car hire company advising they had a black 68 plate Range Rover Sport stolen through a Keyless theft. We sent a signal to connect the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery systems which connected a few minutes later with a GPS report parked in a residential area in Golders Green W11 London. We sent a finder to help recover the car with the customer using a spare key after police were unable to attend. The car had several interior panels opened. The car was driven back to the hire company without further damage.


Big Thanks to Danny Lucey for supporting the Automatrics recovery operation.



A customer request help to track down a stolen Terex Pedestrian Roller. The victim caught a glimpse of his transit being driven away with the protected Terex roller towed behind. We sent a signal to remotely trigger the Automatrics MTrack hidden inside the roller to connect later that afternoon from a cell site in Merthyr Tydfil. Automatrics dispatched a radio signal finder, and after an 18 hours continuous search South Wales Police were called to attend a work yard. The owner fully co-operated to allow police to find the stolen roller on its trailer, unfortunately the untracked stolen Transit was not present. Although this was a tough find at least the weather was great and the team could enjoy some beautiful South Wales scenery………..oh and not to mention a rather tasty fishcake and chips from a Merthyr Chippy 😁🚔👍


One of our plant hire customers contacted us at 8 am to report a Takeuchi TB230 stolen overnight from a worksite close to Highfield south of Sheffield. We sent a remote signal to connect the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery device and this connected at 09.38 to report a GPS position at S6 1NJ Sheffield, Limestone Cottage Lane. Sheffield continues to be a hotspot for plant theft in 2020 with no let up during the COVID 19 lockdown.


The mapping data was sent to Sheffield Police who attended a woodland / wasteland area to locate and recover the machine within a 3 hour police recovery operation. Super support from @SYPSheffield #southyorkshirepolice great Job !


We took a call from a car hire company advising they had a blue 19 plate Range Rover SVR stolen through a fraudulent hire.


We sent a signal to connect the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery systems which connected a few minutes later with a GPS report parked in a residential area in Dagenham. We sent a finder to help recover the car with the customer using a spare key after police were unable to attend. The car had several interior panels opened, it was wearing false plates and the bandits had fitted a steering lock. The car was not able to be started so was recovered using a four wheel lift and taken back to the hire company without further damage. This was the second time Automatrics have had to recover this vehicle after it was stolen before in August 2019.


Big Thanks to Danny Lucey for supporting the Automatrics recovery operation.



We took a call from a car hire company advising they had a Silver  68 plate Range Rover Sport stolen (Keyless theft) form the London Paddington.


We sent a signal to connect the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery systems which connected a few minutes later with a GPS report from just a mile or so away at Manchester Street W1 London. We sent a finder to help recover the car with the customer using a spare key before, the team arrived before the police could attend. The car had several interior panels opened, we presume to check for standard fitment of tracker systems but the Automatrics more covert deep fit device could not be located by the bandits. The car was driven back to the hire company without any significant damage.


Big Thanks to Danny Lucey for supporting the Automatrics recovery operation ,


We were contacted by a plant hire customer reporting a Kubota K008-3 Micro Digger stolen from a work site south of Frodsham Golf Course in Cheshire. We sent a signal to remotely trigger the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system to connect at 14.30. The unit reported a cell location just north of Frodsham indicating the machine had not been travelled far. After several GPS attempts we achieved a GPS accurate fix to report to Cheshire police to check out the first what3words mapping grid close to the M56 by the River Weaver. 

We updated the Cheshire control room to meet our customer who discovered the machine hidden behind a pumping station wall. The machine was recovered back to Widnas for forensic examination.


We had been contacted a week ago about a stolen John Deere Gator 255R. The unit took 6 days before we could alarm it to check its location. The Automatrics MTrack device was an eight year old GSM and RF only location model, meaning no GPS, so a radio signal finder was deployed to the GSM cell near Pontefract. The Automatrics finder immediately detected the RF signal upon his arrival. The signal appeared to be emanating from Upton Park and several West Yorkshire Police vehicles attended to support the radio find operation. The Park was clear and the Gator was soon found in the rear yard of a property opposite the park approximately 45 minutes later. The resident advised he was working to repair the stolen Gator for a guy who dropped it off. Police cautioned the man, advising he would need to attend the police station later for interview. He was not arrested due to COVID 19 risk as he had recently returned form Spain and feeling unwell.


We received a call from a hire car company reporting a stolen 2019 plate Range Rover Velar. We remotely activated the Automatrics MTrack unit to report a GPS location close to Chiswick Station in London. We dispatched a radio signal finder to locate the car down a narrow off road gravel track within 90 minutes of the theft being reported. Although some interior panels had been removed from the rear all panels were soon replaced and there was no damage to the vehicle.  The snatch back operation was completed without police in attendance by our radio signal finding agent and the customer driver, the entire operation was a total success.   


Our plant hire customer reported a Takeuchi TB23R stolen overnight. We remotely triggered the Automatrics MTrack into alarm 30 minutes later to report a GPS position behind a public house in Birmingham. The company's clients immediately set to investigate the area to discover the machine in some wasteland to the rear of the pub. The machine had several panels removed as bandits searched for the security tracker but failed to locate it. As the machine was no longer usable it was returned to the hire centre from some quick reassembly repairs. 


A customer called to report his Yamaha R3 sports bike stolen. They had taken the bike despite it being securely locked in his rear garden. The gate lock had been smashed open and the ignition barrel removed. We remotely triggered the Automatrics MTrack into alarm to report a GPS position in a street in North East Birmingham. The position was relayed to the police. The customer attended the area with a friend to investigate the area whilst waiting for the police. The bike was spotted in the side gate of a property, it had received some damage, police attended to secure the bike and the customer had his bike returned home. Police are contining enquiries at the property.



A construction company called to report their Transit double cab had been stolen overnight. We remotely triggered the Automatrics MTrack into an alarm to report a GPS near Basildon close to the A127. We dispatched an RF signal finder to the site to meet with police to search a travellers site where the GPS and RF were reporting. The van could not be seen until the RF receiver was used to check inside a skip. The transit cab was discovered inside the skip, it had been cut up along with over a dozen other transits at the scene.  Essex Police were pleased that Automatrics had helped them uncover a major Transit chop shop. The police had the Transit Cab forensically lifted from the site, further senior officers attended to complete a thorough investigation.



A customer called at 01.00 am to report his Honda MSX 125 motorcycle stolen after it had been bundled into the back of an estate car and driven off. The last report was at Southampton University, an Automatrics finder immediately went to check the location but the bike was not there, the finder returned to await the next connection at 06.30.


The unit alarmed on schedule to report a GPS in woods at Southampton Sports Centre, the finder was redeployed and contacted police to update them and request attendance. The finder meet with the owner at the search site and he used his own GPS location to walk them some 600 metres to the woods. Once at the woods the finder switched to then use the Automatrics MTrack RF mode to guide them to the stolen bike which had been dumped in a pathway about 60 metres inside the woods.


We received a call from a plant hire company advising that they had a set of traffic lights stolen south of Hamilton, Scotland. We sent a signal to activate the Automatrics MTrack device. We received a cell location in Lanark, but no GPS signal was received. Automatrics dispatched a RF signal finder to locate the RF signal emanating from a Ford Transit in Kirkfield Road, Lanark. Police Scotland attended the location within 15 minutes. The van doors were open to reveal the stolen lights inside. The Transit had also been stolen a few days earlier.


Big thanks to Lanark police officers in attending within 20 minutes, and also arranged recovery to a safe Police compound. 👍👍


After already recovering a stolen Triumph Sprint Motorcycle in Fulham we were contacted for a second time to help locate a stolen Lighting Tower. The trailered equipment was stolen from Clacket Services on the M25. As this machine was protected with a GSM and RF only device we needed to deploy an RF finder to Lingfield. The lighting tower signal was picked up in the centre of the village where the machine was immediately located parked up in a layby.


The finder remained with the undamaged equipment until the end user arrived to collect the stolen machine and return it back to their depot  


We received a phone call from a customer confirming his Triumph Sprint 9551 had been stolen at 04.50. The customer had failed to arm his remote control so we needed to wait for the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery device to wake up at 07.50. The device connected to report a cell site location just a few miles away from the theft site but no clear GPS was reported. We deployed a radio finder to head to the site location. After 20 minutes the GPS fix reported and the information was sent to the Met Police. 


A police team arrived at the GPS location in Fulham SW6 7SN to locate the bike. Police then drove to collect the customer to take him to the bike, but then left him alone on site for a few minutes before our RF finder arrived on site to support. The bikes panniers and top box (which had the customers helmet in it) had been removed by the bandits, so we arranged for the stolen bike to be recovered by Daniel from DMS Recovery.


Automatrics received a tracking alarm signal from this £65K Range Rover whilst it was on hire over the weekend. We contacted the customer who spoke to the hirer and was told and thus assumed all was OK. However we continued to watch the vehicles movements for the next hours and they failed to follow the route information that the hirer had given. We contacted our customer again and based on this new information and that the hirer was no longer answering his calls the car was reported stolen to the Metropolitan Police. 


Automatrics dispatched a finding team to locate and immobilise the car at 4am by letting a tyre down. The vehicle had interior panels removed where bandits had been searching for a tracker device. The car was parked in a disused business area close to Ilford train station. More personnel arrived to secure the car and the tyre was inflated to drive back to the hire car company. No police attended. 


We received a call from a plant hire company advising that their customers depot in Rotherham had been broken into a a Thwaites 1 Ton dumper had been stolen. We sent a signal to remotely alarm the dumper which connected within an hour to show the dumper with clear GPS being parked in a tarmac area back from the main B6463 Lambs Lane road. The police and the end user were advised of the GPS screen shot location and the vehicle was retrieved without further incident. 


We were called at 8am Tuesday morning by our customers who own a construction company advising one of their Takeuchi TB235 excavators had been stolen from a work site near Ely. We sent a remote activation signal for the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking unit and the unit connected 30 minutes later. We received a GPS fix showing the machine was located close to three warehouses on land on the B1093 just a few hundred meters North of Manea. The Police and our clients attended the site but the machine could not be seen. Our operational team requested further updates from the GPS and directed officers to a specific building where the machine was discovered inside.


The machine had some panels removed as bandits searched for a hidden tracker device, but the Automatrics unit was not discovered. The stolen excavator was recovered back to the construction owners depot for repair whilst the landowner was questioned by the police who are continuing with their enquiries 


We were connected early Saturday morning by our customers advising that they had reported one of the £70K Mercedes GLS hire as stolen. We triggered the Automatrics MTrack remotely into an alarm state to report a GPS inside a building in Rainham New Road A1306 near a car wash. We immediately dispatched a local finder who picked up the RF signal and reported location to attending Metropolitan Police. However the Police wanted 100% confirmation to apply for a search warrant to the building after a police helicopter sweep to the rear of the building failed to locate the stolen car, this was later confirmed by a second Automatrics RF signal finder who attended site. Police spent 5 hours in attendance waiting for a search warrant on the Saturday but totally failed to gain approval due to what we believe to have been a police application administration error. 


We kept watch on the vehicle location for a further few days until we managed with our customer to gain the landlords permission to open up the building. Automatrics finder again attended site to open up the building for the Police where they discovered the car had been dismantled, although all the parts were with the car apart from the wheels.


We received a call from our customer advising a Transit flatbed pickup had been stolen from their yard near Salisbury. We sent a signal to activate the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system and the vehicle was tracked to Uxbridge where it was parked in a residential area. The customer had two vehicles close by to that location, so they went to investigate and then used one of the vehicles to block the transit path until the Met Police could arrive to secure the vehicle. However the police could not attend for a number of hours, time passed, and we received a motion alert from the vehicle and our customers confirmed the vehicle used to block the transit had been simply knocked aside by the bandits returning to the stolen vehicle, bashing the blocking vehicle out of the way and then driving off to another location south of Colham Green. 


Automatrics dispatched a signal finder to the location, where he soon arrived to wait outside a small industrial estate for Wiltshire Police, who as investigating officers from the theft site took over from the Metropolitan Police role when they failed to respond.  When the police arrived within an hour and the Automatrics finder directed Wiltshire officers using the RF receiver to the stolen transit location deep inside the yard. The flat bed had already been removed and the vehicle was in the process of being dismantled. The attending officers arrested four men on site and the transit complete with all its parts were later loaded onto a recovery vehicle to be transferred to a safe police storage site.


We received a call first thing in the morning from our customer advising that one of their hire car clients had reported a Range Rover SVR worth £100K stolen from outside his property in Chelsea via a relay theft.  We put the Automatrics MTrack into alarm to report a GPS location in a Cul-de-Sac at Windmoore Close Sudbury, close to Wembley.


We dispatched an Automatrics finder to the site to investigate and block the vehicle path until police could attend site. Some of the vehicle interior panels had been removed where bandits had been searching for a tracker system but the Automatrics system remained undiscovered and fully operational. The police were delayed to attend so more personnel attended site to snatch the car back. Minimum damage to the vehicle which was soon repaired and back on fleet.


We received  a call 9am Saturday morning to report two stolen dumpers taken from a worksite over Friday night in Sheffield. The Automatrics MTrack units were both remotely triggered into an alarm on a six and a one ton machine. The devices soon reported GPS positions in woods near allotments at Shirecliffe to the north of Sheffield. The positions were reported to South Yorkshire Police and the location was soon attended by a police patrol vehicle. Both machines were located and had minimal damage with the key locks being forced.  


Big thanks goes out to Sergeant Simon Pickering from South Yorkshire police for his great effort to locate both machines in the woods. 


We received a call at 6am from a farmer to advise his Honda TRX 420 ATV had been stolen. The customer had not used his remote control to arm the ATV motion sensor so we needed to send a remote activation signal to the Automatrics MTrack unit which connected at 08.16 just on the English and Welsh border at Shortcross. West Mercia Police were contacted and officer Carl Cassidy arranged for a vehicle to head out to the location. The ATV then moved to a second Farm location where Dyfed and West Mercia police had been redirected. Officers located the bike and arrested one male on site. 


The police continued to investigate the details of the theft a a man was prosecuted for the theft of the ATV. The customer received his ATV back and had to replace the key barrel lock which had been forced. Big thanks to West Mercia and Dyfed Police.



After a relatively quiet July, Automatrics were contacted on the 29th July 2019 by three separate customers all advising that they had a vehicle stolen. The first customer reported a stolen Case International tractor, the second a stolen Honda Fireblade motorcycle and the third a stolen 3 Ton Dumper.


Alarm messages were sent to all three security tracking devices and the stolen tractor Automatrics MTrack was the first unit to come into alarm, that was reporting a cell search site in the Bolton area. As this tractor was installed with an older GSM and RF location only recovery tracking device Automatrics dispatched a radio signal finder to Bolton, whilst other staff tried to connect to the two other stolen vehicles.


Follow Automatrics on his somewhat busier than normal radio finding day to see if they can complete a successful triple stolen vehicle recovery operation.



Automatrics took a call from a plant hire company saying one of their Takeuchi TB23R mini diggers had been stolen near Leicester. The machine was fitted with a covert Automatrics MTrack theft recovery device which was remotely triggered into alarm, but Automatrics after the connection were unable to receive a GPS fix. A radio signal finder was dispatched to try to track down the stolen machine.


Follow the finder to see how this theft recovery operation turns out.


We received a motion alert from a customer Automatrics MTrack theft recovery unit and he confirmed his BMW Motorcycle had been stolen. We tracked the bike for a few hundred meters where it stopped on a footpath between to housing areas. The report was sent to the police, the customer was not far from the location so checked it from the road and as it was all clear went to find and wheel the bike back to the main road. Several of the bike panels had been removed so the bike required to go to the garage for repairs. This was the second time this bike and been located by the Automatrics MTrack motorcycle tracker within seven months 


The first recovery operation can be watched here  


We receive an Automatrics MTrack motion alert at 6.00am from a customer’s BMW GS1200 motorcycle. The customer was notified and asked us to reset his alarm, but the bike continued to give a motion alert and he soon then confirmed that his new BMW GS1200 had been stolen from a secure car park where it had been locked behind a roller shutter door.


We received a GSM cell site location from a location within Tower Hamlets area in London. No GPS position was being reported so Automatrics dispatched a radio signal finder to help track down the stolen motorcycle. Follow the Automatrics finder operation as they try to search out the stolen motorcycle trackers radio signal.


We received a motion alert from the customer' Ducati at 23.30. The customer confirmed the bike was stolen, The Automatrics MTrack reported a GPS  fix close to the customers home. The position was relayed to the Met police who had officers attend to find and secure the bike for customer at 00.30. The bike was parked just off Strathdon Drive Wandsworth, London, SW17 0PU. The bike had a damaged steering lock so despite the custom attending site he was unable to ride it home so police walked the 800 metres or so with the customer pushing the bike to ensure all was secure. 


Automatrics detected a Thwaites 6 Ton Dumper theft at 05.37 am this morning. We contacted the customer to advise we believed the machine was being stolen. The customer confirmed at 08.30 that the machine had been stolen to West Midlands Police. We sent GPS locations to the customer and the police were soon in attendance. The machine was parked up on a grass verge approx. 3 miles from the theft site close to West Bromwich.


Thanks to Automatrics MTrack service the user did not have to claim £16K on theft insurance and was very happy to get the machine back without damage. Big thanks to West Midlands police + the customers work gang for such prompt attendance to secure this stolen dumper. Cracking Result !!


We detected a motion alert at 02.52 from a West Midlands customers Audi RS3, and moments later the car was confirmed stolen. West Midlands police contacted Automatrics confirming theft via burglary after bandit forced the customers front door. Police immediately began a pursuit operation. We relayed live updates to the police and they caught up with the car just 3 minutes after it had parked up in a West Bromwich Lay-by approx. 7 miles from the owners home.



The Audi RS3 sports model is an extreme high performance beast that would cost £45 - £55K dependent on specification. This car is capable of hitting 0-62 mph in just 4.1 seconds.


We await customer updates on arrests and or possible vehicle damage, but so far so good for this customer. We extend our thanks to West Midlands Police for 20 minute recovery operation... CRACKING RESULT guys !



We received a call from a customer reporting his Ford Mustang had been stolen from his driveway overnight. The customer captured the bandits at work on CCTV Please share this video and if any one recognises the bandits please contact Braintree Police on crime number 42-184353-18


Follow the Automatrics theft recovery operation to see if they can find and return this 2017 £40K stolen muscle car back to the rightful owner.



A construction company contacts Automatrics to report a stolen excavator. The Takeuchi TB 235 3.5 ton compact excavator was taken over the weekend from a work site near Sudbury, Suffolk, England. Automatrics send a signal to connect with the covert Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system. The unit connects OK, however no GPS fix can be received from the unit. Automatrics deploy a RF radio signal finder to the reported local cell site location to try to locate the stolen machine.


Follow the finder to see if the machine can be located and recovered.


This £70K Special Vehicle Racing edition Range Rover has a special 550 Bhp supercharged engine 0-60 in just 4.5 sec. The vehicle was stolen at approximately 18.20 from a home address in Bradford. The bandits drilled through the owners home front door lock to steal the car keys. The car was protected by our Automatrics MTrack Proactive and our finder travelled up to Bradford in the early hours of the morning to support West Yorkshire Police. It was interesting to see an attending Channel 5 camera man, who had been filming West Yorkshire Police for the Channel 5 Police Interceptors series.


The vehicle had been fitted with false plates, it was located by Automatrics finder in the early hours of the morning parked up in a residential area just a few miles from the owners address. Investigations are proceeding well and a suspect has been identified.



Customer calls Automatrics to help after he has his BMW C650 motorcycle stolen near Twickenham London. To save time Automatrics dispatch a tracking finder to the theft site in readiness for when the covert sleeping Automatrics MTrack theft recovery system is due to wake. This BMW bike theft represents the third stolen motorcycle theft recovery in Twickenham within the last 10 days !


This customer already had his first BMW C650 bike stolen in 2016 which was never seen again. On his new replacement bike he this time invested in the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery system. Will the Automatrics motorcycle tracker that he purchased two years ago connect to make the difference and help recover his £11,000 BMW motorcycle this time around ? Follow this Twickenham theft recovery operation video to its final conclusion.



Our customer contacted as at 20.30 to advise his 2018 BMW dual sport machine #bmr1200gs (worth over £13K) had just been stolen from outside a major shopping area in Staines.

He was only popping into shops for a few minutes and believing his bike was parked in a safe area he had just locked the bike steering and not used his chain.



We sent an alarm message and were planning a recovery finder to attend when the bike was found by the Met Police with the customer parked up in a street 800 meters away. The customer's crash helmet was missing and it had some damage to the lock. Police took the bike for forensic examination. Great to see #metpoliceattending so quickly🏁🏁



Met Police have this morning attended the Automatrics MTrack theft GPS reported location following a theft report and a series of 999 calls. The 118 BHP     Honda CBR 600RR sports bike, which can do the standing 1/4 mile in just 11.1 seconds was located undamaged within the hour from the back garden of a residential property close by.


Police took statements from a male suspect at the house and are continuing with the investigation. The customer also attended the GPS reported location to collect his bike. Our customer also believes that #StormCallum may have contributed to his bike being stolen by blowing off his bike cover. Bandits interviewed on TV have commented that bike covers are one of the best theft deterrents. So please secure your bike covers !👍👍



We received a live connection to an Automatics MTrack theft recovery tracking unit from Snowdonia National park, North Wales in the early hours of Sunday morning 23 Sept 2018. This system had been installed back in April by a customer to help him to protect a brand new replacement 1 ton Thwaites high lift dumper after he had had two similar unprotected, and non-returned machines stolen in March from his yard in Staffordshire.


This new £13K high theft risk dumper was then also stolen from his yard on the 18 August, but this time it was protected by the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery system


Watch recovery operation here







Automatrics head to Scotland for yet another stolen one ton dumper find operation. The team reach the search site and although the drone is launched it cannot be used due to poor light. There is not much that can be done until Police Scotland send officers to attend the area and help Automatrics conduct a local radio signal search in fields opposite Ettleton Cemetery near Newcastlton.


Two officers from Police Scotland arrive to meet with Automatrics and drive down a gravel track to gain vehicle access to the GPS and radio signal location of the stolen The Terex dumper is soon found hidden alongside a disused static caravan. You can watch the recovery operation video here





The Mule was stolen along with it's trailer from outside a Travel Lodge in Doncaster. We had to wait for the tracking unit to connect before we received a GPS position from a private house 8 miles from the theft site. South Yorkshire police sent an officer to check the reported GPS location. The owner was not at home, so the officer conducted checks of the outbuildings and drive.


We guided the officer to a garage and he slide his camera under the door to snap an image of the suspected stolen machine. This image was sent to the owners who confirmed it was their stolen ATV. The house owner was later contacted and advised that it was purchased by a colleague from a 4 x 4 sales centre. The colleague attended site to open the garage and allow the police access to confiscate the Kawasaki and arrange the recovery transport. Big thanks to South Yorkshire Police who are continuing to investigate.



Our customer contacted us to advise his Putzmeister M740 concrete pump had been stolen from a site near Hendon, North London. We could see the machine location had changed over the weekend and sent a signal to alarm the Automatrics MTrack. The unit connected to report a mobile cell site a few miles south of theft site at Brent. We contacted our radio signal finder for North London to meet the customer at the search area.


The signal was traced to a garage door behind a block of flats in Willesden Lane.  Other suspected stolen equipment including an Atlas Copco generator could be seen. The finder opened the garage door to find the stolen pump inside. The trailer was removed and recovered from site. Police were advised and asked to attend site to check for other suspected stolen kit at that location.


Our client reported a 1 ton skip loader stolen. We alarmed the Automatrics MTrack and received a GPS fix less than one mile from the customers offices in Milton Keynes. The customer took a drive to the location showing in a small light industry estate. Unfortunately the machine could not be seen. Automatrics sent a finder to the site to pick up a radio signal emanating from an industrial unit. The finder called the police who when were shown the radio signals coming from unit 37.


Police used powers of entry to break into the building. The Machine was found inside with several other suspected stolen goods. Thames Valley Police sealed off the unit as a crime scene. Police questioned a Polish driver who turned up at the building during the recovery, He confirmed they traded between the UK and Poland and was asked to attend the station for further questioning.


We received an Automatrics MTrack power loss alert from a JCB Airmaster at 8pm midway between Cardiff and Port Talbot. The GPS location looked suspect so we checked the GPS positional reports to see that it moved at 18.30 from a street location. This customer normally finishes work at 5pm so it all looked unusual. We called the alert into the customer and asked them to check it out. After two hours we heard back from the customer confirming the machine had been stolen.


We co-ordinated with a police inspector from South Wales HQ to have a group of police officers attend the GPS recovery location to find the machine at 4 am parked near on a siding of a rural lane. Police were instructed to recover the machine for forensic checks.


We were asked to check the location of a missing machine on the 6 June and triggered the Automatrics tracking unit into alarm. The reported location in Abergavenny Wales was sent to the customer. Five days later they requested another update and only then confirmed that the machine had been stolen The hirer claimed they left the machine for collection elsewhere. The customer sent a recovery truck to check if the machine was parked up on the road. However they coud not see the machine so an Automatrics radio finder was dispatched.


One hour later with police at the location they checked behind vehicles on a front garden area to find the machine. It was Immediately recovered by our customer and the finder returned to base. This recovery makes a total of seven plant machines recovered in less than 3 weeks. Five of which were for the same customer ....Busy Busy and a great ROI !



At 13.25 we were contacted by our client asking us to locate a Komatsu excavator which had been delivered to a hire site 9.30 that morning. Within 15 minutes we remoteley triggered the Automatrics MTrack into alarm to report a new position near junction 24 of the M62 near Huddersfield. The location was a mile or so down the road from the drop point.


The machine had been cross hired to another national hire company who become suspisious and suspected a fraudulent hire. We relayed all information to PANIU Plant and Agricultural National Plant Intelligence unit.


The end user sent a team to the tracking unit reported position to find the machine. Various panels including one to the Komtrax Komatsu standard OEM fit tracking system had been removed. The attchements were not present. Our customer arrange recovery to a safe compound near Leeds.


At 16.16 the Automatrics 24/7 monitoring operators detected an unusual power loss from an Automatrics MTrack Proactive fitted to a Thwaites 1 ton dumper. Based on the vulnerable location near Doncaster we called the client. All was OK at that time as the hirer had isolated the power deliberately as a security precaution. Automatrics still recommended the machine be returned to the depot as it was a very high theft risk machine in a vulnerable location. However after our customer contacted the hirers they decided to leave the machine on site. We remotely armed the motion sensor to detect a theft in progress just in case. At 22.56 we received a motion alert from the dumper although it remained in location with the machine power off. We called our customer and they confirmed to keep an eye on it and let them know if it moved.


At midnight we received another motion alert, this time the power was on and the machine moved down the road and then into a car park in the woods. We once again called our customer with a forecast 90% theft probability based on the machines new location in woods. Our customer was not able to contact the end user so we armed the motion sensor to keep close watch overnight.


Sure enough first thing in the morning the hirer confirmed the theft. They were sent the location and immediately collected the machine and had it back at work within 20 minutes.


We were contacted at 9am by a national plant hire customer advising of two entirely seperate machine thefts. One was a Bomag 80 roller from Stockton-on-Tees and the other a Thwaites 1 ton dumper from Altringham. We signalled both Automatrics MTrack systems into alarm. The dumper was reporting in South Manchester. The police were informed and met with the customers truck at the reported GPS location. They found the dumper in someone’s private driveway on a flatbed lorry. Police knocked the door but there was no answer. The police seized the truck to later arrest the owner. The customer had the dumper back in their yard just 3 hours after it was reported stolen.


The roller reported from a travellers site just 3 miles from the theft site. It remained there for a number of hours and police planned to attend with a large police presence 10 am the next day. Automatrics booked a finder flight to Newcastle to support the recovery operation. The radio signal finder could then take the police directly to the stolen roller which could have been placed inside any of a number of white vans. We also sent Darlington police a login to our system so they could keep a watching brief on GPS updates.


However, all plans changed when at 17.40 the stolen roller left the travellers site. Police quickely established a covert pursuit operation involving two unmarked police cars and a police helicopter. The GPS stopped in a small industrial yard a few miles to the East of Hartlepool. Police searched the site to recover the roller and arrested two men.


Cracking result !


We received a call from a customer advising that he had eight plant machines stolen through a fraudulent hire. The bogus fraudster had stolen a legitimate companies identity by forging details on required hire documents. The theft remained undiscovered until the payments were not received and all contact numbers went dead.


The customer had two of his own machines plus six cross hired machines delivered. The Automatrics MTrack Proactive was installed in only one of the customers machines. We reviewed the GPS reporting location from inside a building near Colchester. The building Landlords were contacted and opened the building to eventually find the protected 1 ton dumper and the customers unprotected roller inside. However the other six cross hired machines had not been fitted with our tracking and were nowhere to be seen. Without our systems installed on these there was very little if any chance to find them.


This fraud clearly demonstrates the importance of more detailed security checks and need to fitment our theft recovery systems to all vulnerable hire machines, and especially cross hired machines which would need to be replaced at great cost.


We are not able to detail much on this recovery of the awesome BMW M2. Police are continuing enquies to try to ensure those responsible are arrested and convicted. What we can say is that this was a keyless theft where the bandiits captured the customer keycode whilst he was sleeping with his keys in his bedroom. Then they simply drove off.


The BMW standard wired tracker had also been defeated as police delivered it back to the owner along with some other vehicle items found on the side of the road close by. However the Automatrics tracking unit did successfully track down the car. An Automatrics finder worked inside one of four police pursuit vehicles. - The M2 is a very special M series car, built in low volumes, it's light weight and extremely nippy ! 



The customer confirmed his bike had been stolen, with the cut off chain all that remained of his much loved machine. We tracked the bike cell locations for a few miles whilst the customer tried to report the crime. We decided to deploy a radio finder as no GPS signals were coming through, we thought it was possibly in the back of a van. After 20 minutes of being stationary we eventually received a valid GPS fix. This helped the finder home in on the secret radio tracking signals to find the bike parked up against a wall in the corner of a car park in the London Bermondsey SE16 area.


The bike had a damaged ignition and the front disc had been cut to remove the disc lock.


Watch operation





After receiving an Automatrics motorcycle tracking unit motion alert we contacted the owner and they confirmed their Honda PCX 125 scooter had been stolen. All that remained was a few parts strewn over the floor, including the ignition barrel. Hampshire police contacted our find team as they were heading to the motorcycle tracker reporting location which was only 20 minutes away from our offices.


We arranged to meet the police to search the area . But as the stolen scooter was not visible so the Automatrics radio finder needed to conduct a radio tracking search of the immediate vicinity with police. Watch the find operation unfold.





Customer contacted us to advise his Yamaha WR 125 R motorcycle had been stolen. We checked out the Automatrics Super Small positions and liaised with Northumbria Police to plan a recovery operation in Newcastle.


An Automatrics radio signal finder was dispatched to meet with police officers and attend the reported locations. Within a few minutes of the operation starting the bike was recovered from a back garden and two males were arrested at the scene.


Watch Northumbria Police find and recovery operation



One of our plant hire customers reported a dumper stolen after a burglary. The Automatrics MTrack was put into alarm to report a cell site just north of Leighton Buzzard. As no GPS signal was reported, this indicated either a GPS jammer or that the machine had been blocked from GPS satellite view. A local radio finder investigator was dispatched. After several hours of radio finding Automatrics sent a second finder and together they homed-in on the tracking unit's GSM and RF signals to confirm the plant tracker signals were emanating from a gated truck park.


Bedfordshire police sent three specialist burglary offices in two vehicles to the truck yard. Using the mobile RF location finder the dumper was soon found inside of what remained of a lorry. Police questioned a resident adjacent to the find area and recovered the dumper for forensic testing.



We received an Automatrics MTrack Proactive motion alert just after 10pm. We contacted the owner who immediately checked and confirm a bandit riding a scooter whilst foot-pushing an accomplice astride his stolen Peugeot. We live tracked the stolen scooter in the Richmond area using GSM and then a few minutes later more accurate GPS updates. The scooter stopped on a street a mile or so from the theft site.


Automatrics dispatched a radio finder whilst our 24/7 response liaised with the customer and the police. Our telephone team guided the Met police attending officers to recover the stolen scooter within an hour of the theft. The customer meet up with the police whilst our finder was recalled. Later the customer contacted us to thank us for our support.



We took an emergency call from a customer confirming his £35K Boxer utility loader had been stolen from his yard. The specialist loader was only 6 months old, having been purchased as a replacement for one previously stolen and lost before he turned to Automatrics to help secure his equipment.



We dispatched a radio finder to the theft site at 6am so that he was close to the expected recovery area for a fast recovery response when the unit was scheduled to alarm in at 8am Wednesday morning. The unit alarmed in as expected and a GPS position was received. The finder meet with the owner and they travelled to the GPS location with the radio receiver equipment to guide them to an accurate find location. Cracking result just 30 minutes later, when this valuable machine was located on the customers trailer (which he did not realise was also stolen) 




Watch the first live recovery operation filmed by the BBC Thief Trackers crew featuring Automatrics tracking down a stolen Piaggio Scooter. This scooter had been recovered a few months earlier by Automatrics found hidden away in bushes in a park near Wimbledon.


This second recovery was not so straight forward as the bandit zigzagged their way across London during the pursuit.




Customer reports bike stolen 16.50 PM after it had been locked with a £200 reinforced chain at 1 PM. Bandits cut the chain with a portable grinder. This customer did not have the optional remote to arm his tracking unit motion sensor so we remotely alarmed the Automatrics MTrack system.


We recived a live GPS track location at a residential street near Croydon at 5.26 pm, about 3 miles south of the Wandsworth theft location. The Met Police were contacted on 999 and sent officers to check the area. They located the stolen bike 30 minutes later parked in a road. The customer collected his bike as it could be ridden away despite damage to the steering lock and the alarm system which had been disabled. Well-hidden, self-powered Automatrics theft recovery trackers are the best covert answer to find any stolen bike, thanks to the Met Police Cracking Tracking !


This high value Mercedes was stolen overnight from a driveway. Despite our hire car clients bedroom window being open and a dog sleeping on the bed nothing was heard. The hire car representative attended the Automatrics GPS reported location and with the Met Police to arrange site forensics in an off-road car park near Romford.


From the damage caused, the bandits were clesarly searching very hard to find, what we would describe as a standard Mercedes tracking system. Several of the wiring loom plugs were disconnected. Keyless theft usually involves two bandits working in a team, one member will scan through the house walls to read any vehicle keyless entry radio signal. The signal is usually then amplified and received by the second bandit who can then open the car. 


We received an emergency call from a customer at 6pm telling us one of their high value AMG hire cars had been reported stolen by their client. We alarmed the Automatrics theft recovery tracking unit to give us a GPS position behind some houses in St Denys, Southampton, just 15 minutes from our offices. We deployed a recovery investigator with radio signal tracking receivers to attend and secure the 2017 registered AMG Cabriolet until the police could attend the site.


The car keys were reported lost a few days earlier. The attending Police officer suggested the keys were likely stolen by bandits to simply drive the car off later. The vehicle was found tucked away amongst some garages. The Automatrics YouTube video log will be released soon. Big thanks to Hampshire police who supported Automatrics on this Cracking Recovery !


One of our customers called as his bike was being stolen. Bandits on scooters had in minutes cut through his security chain, front disc and broke his steering lock before one scooter rider "foot pushed" an accomplice on the BMW.  The Automatrics MTrack Proactive motion sensor immediately triggered and GPS movements were tracked every few seconds from the theft location. Met police from Battersea area were immediately on scene with the owner and spoke with our operation team.


GPS positions were communicated to the attending officer who relayed these to a police pursuit vehicle. The bike stopped in a street and police confirmed they had the bike. Thieves fled the scene, police pursued but were unable to catch them. This recovery was achieved in a record breaking 18 minutes. later we spoke with the owner who was thrilled his investment had paid off.  Our thanks go to the attending Met Police team cracking !


We received a call from a customer reporting that one of their Atlas Copco compressors had been stolen from a worksite near Woolwich in South East London. We alarmed the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking unit, however no GPS position was possible so we dispatched a radio signal finder to the Harrow search site. The secret radio signal was picked up immediately on the finders arrival, and the signal source was traced to a set of garages.


We contacted the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (a specialist plant theft unit attached to Metropolitan Police) An officer was dispatched to support the opening or the suspect garage door to reveal the compressor and a believed stolen HHS tools hire Chemical store.


Many thanks to DC Julian Crabb form PANIU for attending site so swiftly, great teamwork !



We received a motion alert from a customer’s Takeuchi TB23R excavator at 20.30 Wednesday night. The client was contacted and confirmed his 2.3 ton machine had been stolen from Stratford-upon-Avon. He reported the theft to Warwickshire Police whilst we live tracked the digger theft movements for over two hours. An Automatrics finder was deployed to Dudley to track the radio signal as no accurate GPS was possible. The finder arrived at 2 AM Thursday morning and the machine was located 3 hours later parked in private yard behind a locked fence in Dudley.


West Midlands Police were contacted to attend site to question the land owner and arrange the recovery of the undamaged digger. We later supplied movement reports to DC Julian Crabb at PANIU and West Midlands Police, as it is hoped that CCTV footage can be checked to further help police with their inquiries.



This digger was found hidden in undergrowth by our customer after we sent them the GPS position. They reclaimed the machine in just 4 hours. The owners reported that several panels had been removed, where criminals had been looking for tracking units. They failed to locate our covertly hidden Automatrics theft recovery system.


The telematics Komatsu Komtrax tracker fitted by the manufacturer however had been entirely ripped out. This clearly demonstrates why owners cannot rely on OEM fit telematics systems to recover a stolen machine.


We took a call Saturday morning from a customer reporting a mobile compressor stolen from Forest Hill. We activated the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery unit to report a GPS signal 15 miles away just north of Peckham. The Met police attended the site with the customer to collect the compressor and get it back to work just 2 hours after it was reported missing.


When police checked the Transit used to tow the compressor they found it was listed also as stolen, but from different owners. Lucky for them the compressor was protected and led the way for the Transits safe return...  Text book recovery cracking !



We took a call Friday night from a customer who discovered his Piaggio GTS 300 scooter had been stolen from Kings Cross. We alarmed the unit for live tracking and an Automatrics finder was deployed. The bike was successfully located Saturday morning using GSM and RF location with two officiers supporting from the Met Police. The bike had been hidden behind a block of flats in Islington.


Police detailed a moped gang had been reported riding this stolen scooter brandishing machetes on Friday evening in at least one attempted car jacking operation. Serious stuff... but the customer invested wisely to fit his tracking unit just 8 days earlier. So not only did he get his scooter back, the Met also took some tools the bandits left behind for forensic tests... so lets hope that enables a police prosecution !



We received a motion alert at midday today and called the customer to check his Yamaha R6 motorcycle was OK. He confirmed the machine had been stolen from London Paddington, with no signs even of his locks. The bike was fitted with our device 16 days earlier after he had previously been let down with a different tracking provider that were unable to locate his last stolen bike.


We deployed a radio signal finder and using GSM site mapping tracked the bike to London N2. No GPS was reported indicating it was likely in the back of a van blocking GPS signals. Once the bike stopped we received a GPS fix close to the North Circular. The position was supplied to the Met. Police. Then at 13.50 our finder received a call from the police to say he could turn back as he had found the bike at the GPS location under a cover. The locks were all intact confirming the bike had been lifted and placed inside a vehicle to transport it to a cooling down area.


We were called by a plant hire company advising a 2016 model Kubota U20 excavator worth over £20,000 had been stolen from a workside north of Telford over the weekend. We remotely triggered the battery powered Automatrics tracking unit into alarm to soon report a GPS location in a rural location 14 miles from the theft site.


Automatrics deployed a radio signal finder to support West Mercia police find the machine parked alongside a yellow roller and other machines from another hire firm in a field. Police are continuing with their enquires.


The criminals had defeated the manufacturer supplied “all singing n all dancing” key immobilising entry system. So good job it was fitted with the covert Automatrics theft recovery system. Cracking !



We took a call last night just minutes after a customers BMW X5 was stolen from his drive in Birmingham. The Automatrics MTrack Proactive motion sensor tripped during the theft and the vehicle was live tracked to stop close to a park.


West Midlands police were contacted to attend the tracking units GPS position to locate and secure the vehicle in just 25 minutes. This customer previously had a Range Rover stolen in a similar theft of keys incident. On that occasion the vehicle had not be fitted with the Automatrics theft recovery system and was not recovered. This clockwork theft recovery operation clearly demonstrates a good decision was made to invest in Automatrics as the UK’s only police approved tracking provider.



Our customer reported his scooter stolen for the second time, we first recovered it four months ago. The Automatrics tracking unit reported a location in North London. We received GPS positions within buildings so we deployed a radio signal finder to pinpoint which building.

The cat and mouse search operation was captured as it happened by a BBC camera crew. Once the desirable 350 Piaggio scooter stopped moving we closed in to find it in an alleyway within a restricted residents compound in Islington.  The Met police gained access to the restricted area and located the bike. A specialist team arrived to do a forensic lift of the scooter back to a secure police compound. BBC Thief Trackers will broadcast in October 2017... but you can view our video log now


Kent Police have just confirmed that they have located a stolen Range Rover 2017 model worth over £70K in Dover. We are presently awaiting an update from Kent police on any potential arrests and vehicle recovery for forensics 


Automatrics had been tracking the car for most of today after GPS area location checks established a cause for concern. We contacted our customer and they checked the vehicle to soon report that the car was 3 days overdue on a rental contract. Customers also confirmed the vehicle had been hired with false papers. The customer reported the theft to the police and Automatrics relayed the positioning information to both Dorset and Kent Police.




The potential theft of a small Kubota mini digger was identified by our monitoring team and the customer soon confirmed his work machine had been stolen from a site. The bandits were also captured on CCTV. The machine was located by an Automatrics radio signal finder despite it being hidden from GPS satellites when hidden in the back of a stolen Transit van which was running on false plates (confirmed by officers at PANIU).


Thames Valley Police attended within 30 mins to check with local residents. The Transit was then recovered to a secure compound where it was later opened to reveal the stolen Kubota mini digger.Thanks go out to our customer, Mel, Julian at PANUI and Thames Valley Police great work guys !  watch our video log


Seven stolen digger attachments were recovered in Lincolnshire by two tracking units. Units were remotely alarmed to report GSM Cell sites in a rural location south of Lincoln. No GPS fix was possible in the hide location so the tracking units radio signals were tracked down by our finder and traced to a completely enclosed metal clad barn at around midnight.
The Lincolnshire police officer requested the land owners to open up the barn where a total of seven stolen attachments were all located inside and these were seized and recovered by the police. The land owner made a statement to the police and claimed to be an innocent victim after buying the equipment from a casual cash sale transaction. 


Our customer called in at 07.20 this morning to report a Yanmar digger had been stolen from a worksite over the weekend. We sent a signal to alarm his Automatrics tracking unit remotely and it connected showing a cell site close to the M4 Junction 30 to the north of Cardiff. Within a few minutes we obtained a good GPS fix showing the machine had been hidden in a waste area close to a sub station. The customer attended the GPS site reported position with the police to find and recover the machine back to the worksite all within 5 hours.

A somewhat clockwork type operation, and the second recovery for this company within the last four weeks !


Fraser Tool Hire requested us to alarm a tracking unit they fitted just three days earlier to a 3 ton JCB excavator which had been stolen through a fraudulent hire. We remotely activated the Automatrics tracking unit to soon report a GPS position in a rural hide-away location midway between Glasgow and Edinburgh. Police Scotland attended the GPS location to find the digger tucked up against a building. The police stayed with the machine overnight until a search warrant was finalised the following morning. Police Scotland later confirmed they had arrest a man in connection with four stolen machines from four separate hire companies.
However, this was the only machine recovered, the three other machines failed to be found as fleet tracking equipment was later found abandoned having been discovered and removed from the machines.


Automatrics received an area alarm as this car travelled from the UK to Calais on the Chunnel. Our customers could not contact the driver and confirmed the car had been stolen through a fraudulent hire, a prevalent issue with Range Rovers being stolen over recent years.
We tracked the car from Calais Holiday Inn to a shopping park nearby where colleagues in France attended to proceed to let the tyres down by removing the valves. Automatrics accompanied by our customers security manager armed with the spare key travelled from the UK to snatch the stranded car back later that afternoon. Big thanks to the team in France ..Très bien mes amis !!



Customers reported that a 3 ton Hitachi excavator had been stolen from a worksite in Newport Wales over the weekend. The Automatrics MTrack tracking unit was remotely alarmed and reported a cell location to the east of Cardiff. It was not possible to obtain a GPS fix so an Automatrics radio signal finder was dispatched.


The finder soon picked up the radio signal and traced the secret homing beacon to find the stolen digger hidden in the back of a truck. The machine had been hidden to shield it from GPS satellites. South Wales police attended site to arrange the recovery of the truck with the excavator inside for further forensics checks.



We took an emergency call at 8 am this morning reporting the theft of a compressor from a worksite on the A12 in Essex. The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking unit was remotely activated to soon report a GPS position back alley north of Romford. We dispatched a radio signal finder in case the stolen compressor was hidden inside one of the garages showing on the satellite view.


However, the finder was soon recalled after the customer confirmed they sent a work team to check and find the stolen compressor from our reported plant GPS tracking location. The work equipment was put back to work at the theft worksite within 2 hours ... Cracking Job !


Automatrics start the year with one of our fastest ever theft recovery operations, it took just 45 minutes to detect a customers flatbed trailer being stolen and for it to then be recovered in south London. Automatrics 24/7 alert monitoring staff notified the customer of a trailer movement detected 6.15 PM and they immediately confirmed the trailer had been stolen. The tracking device automatically reported and the ...Met Police were contacted to attend the GPS position south of Sidcup by 7 PM.


The trailer had been parked up in a residential communal parking bay. The trailer lock was broken and there was some damage to a side panel. The customers attended the site within an hour to then collect their trailer and take it to a safe compound.


Customer called at 9 pm to report his Piaggio scooter stolen from a street in North London. The motion sensor had also triggered and we received a GPS from a park close to Twickenham. An Automatrics RF finder was dispatched to guide in four Metropolitan Police officers to help recover the machine in which had been buried in hedge rows at the edge of a park.


The owner was contacted to collect his scooter within just 3 hours of calling in, the police even picked him up to bring him to the site. Unfortunately he was unable to ride his scooter home as the bandits had removed his bike battery.  The whole recovery operation is captured on camera and this will be released soon. Big thanks to the Met Police on this one Cracking ! 


Watch Recovery Video Here :


This virtually new machine was reported stolen Monday morning and recovered later that day. The machine had been hidden in a private residence in a rural location in Hampshire not far from the original theft site. The bandits removed the seat and several panels in search for a suspected wired tracking system. But they were unable to locate the more covert self powered Automatics device. The machine was hidden next to garage walls in an effort to deflect tracking technologies.


The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery device was remotely alarmed and we used GPS, GSM and RF location technologies to find it. Hampshire Police officers were also very quick to support the find operation arriving within just 30 minutes of being called


This second large attachment worth over £18K was successfully recovered by Leicestershire police this morning after the Automatrics MTrack system alarmed in to report a GPS position in Leicester.

The breaker was being used on a large excavator at the recovery site about 5 miles west of the original theft site. Police questioned persons on site although we have not been advised of any arrests.


That’s a dozen breaker attachments safety recovered for this customer !


Fraudulent plant hire is a growing organised crime theft tactic. Automatrics have worked closely with PANIU and Essex police in a Brentwood dawn raid to recover a tracked stolen breaker attachment along with five other non-protected plant machines in what appeared to be a temporary storage holding field. The breaker and tools were part of a total of eleven machines delivered to a bogus contractor company in a fraudulent hire. PANIU officers advised a further three machines recovered. The total value of items recovered is expected to top £150K.


Automatrics MTrack possibly warrants a place in this customers hall of fame trophy cabinet !     


Watch Recovery Video Here


A 2016 stolen Nissan GTR capable of an astonishing 190 MPH and worth over £65K was detected via our GPS tracking reports entering an unauthorised area. The customers were contacted and confirmed an attempted theft was in progress.


We contacted NaVCIS to arrange for Kent police to intercept and seize the vehicle before it could cross to France. The recovery operation was completed in less than 60 minutes… not quite the GTR’s 0-60 mph sprint time of 2.7 seconds but good enough to ensure this tasty 2016 GTR remained with its rightful owners here in the UK. A big thanks to Nathan Ricketts at NaVCIS and Ian Atkinson at Kent Police who helped coordinated the recovery operation. Simply great team work !


Automatrics were requested to help find a stolen Kubota Mini digger. The stolen 3 Ton Kubota was hidden under steel sheeting shed so a radio recovery operation was required. The Automatrics radio signal finder was diverted enroute back from Sheffield to Southampton to attend the GSM search site in Chelmsford.


The signal was identified as coming from behind a derelict building,  NaVCIS officers were contacted along with Essex police on 101.

NaVCIS attended the site and opened a shed containing the stolen digger still sat on its trailer with 3 buckets. The Landowner was questioned onsite and is further assisting Essex police with their enquires


BBC Thief Trackers series 2 episode 6 on the BBC I Player. Where Automatrics track and recover a customer's stolen Yamaha R6 motorcycle on an incredible three separate occasions. The first two recoveries were called in by the customer, with one detected hidden down an alleyway and the second revealing a small chop shop in a Dagenham back garden. On the third theft where the customer had used his remote control to arm the Automatrics MTrack motion sensor Automatrics called the customer on theft to identify its location in a major London street  where the culprits had chained it up with their own locks.


Specialised tracking firm Automatrics successfully find a stolen 800 Kg breaker attachment worth over £18,000 in a builders yard in Essex. Automatrics were supported in a joint recovery operation with the UK police National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service (NaVCIS)



The team attended a GPS reported tracking location in Hockley where property owners gave permission to search their yard. The location of the breaker was immediately found on a pallet outside a storage workshop by NaVCIS police officer Nathan Ricketts using the Automatrics MTrack radio finding direction equipment.


Customers reported a stolen breaker attachment taken from a Curry's store site in Wednesbury. The Automatrics MTrack theft protection tracking system was activated and we soon received a GPS position over 50 miles away close to the Welsh border.


We dispatched a radio finder to locate the stolen breaker just before midnight in a horse field. West Merci police attended to help search the area where they also discovered suspected stolen sheep penning equipment and a later confirmed stolen Yamaha Grizzly Quad bike.


We detected a stolen caravan on the move and called this through to the customer at 18.10 this evening. The van was soon confirmed stolen from a site in Staffordshire. We live GPS tracked it moving down the M6 through Dudley towards Kingswinford.


Staffordshire police were sent images of the stolen caravan final stopped location showing it to the rear of residential property, they attended the site shortly after to locate the van at 19.15. We await updates on arrests as the culprits legged it on foot .........what is it with theft on Fridays !


Thanks to Mel in operations and Staffordshire Police great teamwork guys !   



Customers reported a John Deere work utility vehicle worth £15K was stolen overnight from a worksite in Kendal. The Automatrics MTrack unit was remotely activated to report a cell site near Lancaster just after midday. An Automatrics radio finder was dispatched to attend the search site.


The finder picked up the radio signal within 30 minutes of arrival and traced the machine hidden behind a hedge close to the M6.  Lancashire Police were immediately contacted and attended site to oversee the vehicle recovery to a secure compound. Customers installed ten Automatrics tracking systems after they lost two other unprotected stolen gators in April 2016. 


Great Investment !


Following the theft confirmation of a £50K Komatsu excavator this morning, we triggered the Automatrics tracking unit into alarm to confirm a GPS position near Scunthorpe. Humberside police were directed to an Automatrics GPS tracker reporting location at the back of a storage yard. The machine was successfully located and returned back to the contractors site by 1pm.


The digger was also fitted with a Komtrax Telematics tracker which was disabled at the theft site. This Automatrics recovery clearly demonstrates key differences in the Automatrics and the Komtrax theft recovery performance.  Our customer understood these key differences in tracking technology for security needs so wisely invested in the Automatrics Police Approved and Thatcham Certified tracking system...     We await further updates on possible arrests.



We tracked a stolen breaker attachment last night to locate it in a shipping container in London. The Metropolitan Police sourced an emergency search warrant to cut the lock off after our radio finder identified the stolen breaker tracking unit signal was emanating from within one of a group of circa 50 shipping containers.


The haul included over 150 construction tools and two very tasty presumed stolen bicycles, bet the owners will be super glad to get them back. Police continue with their enquires to hopefully make an arrest.


We received a motion alert in the early hours from a black BMW S1000 RR motorcycle and were made aware of a second white BMW S1000 RR fitted with its own Automatrics tracker in the same garage. Being concerned as the second bike owner could not visually check his bike we remotely alarmed his bike to report a GPS fix four miles away, confirming his bike also as stolen !


We dispatched a radio finder to London NW5 to find the 2015 model white BMW S1000 RR worth £22,000 at 5am hidden inside a garage supported by the Metropolitan Police. The black RR which triggered the motion alert was also hidden outside GPS satellite view and was recovered using radio location an hour later two floors underground in London N1. This bike was purchased with a less secure tracker from "Tracker Network" that completely failed to detect or track the theft.


At 10.15 am a national plant hire customer called to confirm a 3 ton Terex dumper truck had been stolen from a residential street in Sheffield. The Automatrics MTrack was placed into alarm and soon reported a GPS position a few miles away near allotments. The machine was immediately collected and put back at work within 90 minutes of the theft being reported.



Dumper Theft is on the Increase so get Protect Now !


A protected Terex dumper stolen from Cannock in Birmingham has been successfully tracked and recovered. It was not possible to achieve a GPS fix in the hide location so a radio signal finder was sent to the reported mobile cell location at Halesowen. This virtually new machines Automatrics MTrack secret radio transmitter was soon picked up and found hidden within a group of shipping containers in an industrial estate.


The delighted owners collected the machine and had it back to work within an hour. That's a rather nice £14K saved by the plant hire companies happy customer !



We received a call from a customer who's white Range Rover Sport had been stolen overnight without the keys. We alarmed the Automatrics tracking unit and directed the Metropolitan Police to find the car within an hour, parked up in a residential area close by. Despite removing panels and tracing wiring looms the criminals were unable to locate the covert Automatrics tracking unit. This highlights weaknesses in Range Rover security systems and we urge owners to get protected.


This great recovery operation was announced to Police delegates visiting Automatrics at the NPCC Rural Crime Conference 2016 held at Kettering Conference Centre.


Talk about "Practice What You Preach" !


We received a motion alert from a mini digger at 20.15 Saturday evening and contacted the owner who was on vacation in Spain. He called some work colleagues and then called back to confirm his machine had been stolen.  The machine route had been tracked for 15 minutes until it became stationary hidden in some trees.    


The  GPS positions were sent to Sussex police who located the machine in woodland close to Gatwick Airport. The whole operation was completed in 3 hours - Great Result Guys !        



Cheshire police have arrested a man following the safe recovery of a Takeuchi TB016 mini digger stolen from Birmingham. The machine owners, a national plant hire firm attended the GPS reported site location near Warrington to investigate further. They confirmed it was their machine and sent through details of a second Yanmar machine at the same site. Police officer Ben Hewing at the Plant & Agricultural Nation Intelligence Unit (PANIU) immediately confirmed the Yanmar was also stolen from Birmingham a week earlier.     


Protect ONE mini digger and get an Unprotected ONE FREE !



Essex Police arrest man following the safe recovery of a stolen Suzuki motorcycle. The bike was fitted with an Automatrics MTrack Proactive self powered theft recovery tracking system which triggered an illegal motion alert in the early hours this morning. The bike was tracked for an hour before it was parked up in some garages on the outskirts of Brentwood. The GPS tracker positions were relayed to Essex Police and they attended the search site to complete the recovery operation and make the arrest.


Great Teamwork !


We received a customer call this morning advising a Takeuchi TB228 mini digger had been stolen. We remotely alarmed the tracking unit and received a position near Stoke -On-Trent. The customer confirmed they located the machine just 49 minutes after it was reported stolen.


Great Result !


Plant hire fraud is on the increase with the theft of a stolen hydraulic breaker attachment in Glasgow. Watch the recovery story unfold when a radio recovery operative flies to Glasgow to track down the stolen breaker supported by the plant hire depot manager and Scotland Police.


An Automatrics customer confirmed one of their Range Rover Evoque hire vehicles had been stolen. Greater Manchester Police were immediately contacted by Automatrics who relayed the tracking unit reported location. NaVCIS police unit were also contacted and requested a high priority attendance email to GM police.


The vehicle was found and secured at the designated Manchester side street location within 40 minutes. Pretty quick recovery for a Friday night, and a perfect team result !


Leicester Police meet with Automatrics in Loughborough to help track down a stolen breaker attachment. The officers drove the finder to an industrial estate within the reporting cell site. The tracking unit radio signal was immediately picked up and traced to a builders yard at the rear of the estate. The stolen breaker was found hidden inside a shipping container along with two other suspected stolen breakers, police recovered the stolen breaker and arrested one male at the site. Great Result!


We spent a successful day at a crime conference in JCB Rochester on the 12 November. On the journey back we received a call to divert to recover another stolen breaker attachment.


This 60Kg version was located in the back of a Transit van at a private residence near Heathrow. The breaker was seized by the Met Police and loaded in our vehicle for its safe return to our plant hire customer the following day. 



Four compressors were located at the rear of a property in Essex, two were immediately identified as stolen. One stolen 16 months earlier from our same customer, although that compressor had not been protected by the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery system.


Other stolen construction equipment was discovered on site, an Aladdin’s cave commented the Met Police who liaised with DC James Elliott from the Plant and Agricultural Intelligence Unit (PANIU) to try to identify some of the equipment.



We detected a motion alarm from a customers motorcycle this evening and he confirmed the bike was stolen. A GPS position reported in London and the customer collected the bike with Met Police . The criminals had fitted a new lock which the police had to crop. This bike was first stolen in April 2014 and then for a second time in March 2015 so this is the third time we have recovered it.


A third stolen 120KG breaker that has been successfully tracked and recovered. Several Hertfordshire police cars attended site and one man was arrested. The breaker was tracked and found within 5 hours in a trailer to the rear of a private residence which was undergoing building works.


Plant Security system from Automatrics succesfully recovers a stolen mini digger hidden inside a shipping container.


Takeuchi mini diggers represent an easy target for organised crime and are one of the most stolen machines in the UK. This particular machine had been "RUNG" the term used by the police for having its original identity and serial numbers changed to a legitimate machine. 


It's been a busy week for stolen caravans with a second successful recovery this week. The first was recovered on Wednesday by Coventry Police to the NE of Cambridge and the second found today East of Battle by an Automatrics radio finder supported by Sussex Police.

Todays recovery was completed in just 6 hours from a self powered Automatrics MTrack tracker first installed over 5 years ago. Both devices alerted the theft in progress.



We detected a stolen static caravan being removed from site in Coventry.


The owners were called and confirmed a theft in progress, both Essex and Midlands Police supported with officers from Coventry police attending the search site a few hours later with Radio Finding equipment. The stolen caravan was located to the north of Cambridge at Hemingford Grey. The van was soon removed from an A14 roadside site and returned to the owners undamaged.  


BBC Thief Trackers Episode Four features Automatrics in the track and recovery of a stolen Hobby Caravan. View on the BBC IPlayer




Thief Trackers aims to flag up the risk of buying goods at a cheap price which may later turn out to be stolen. The series reveals the criminal intent of determined thieves in towns and cities across the UK and how police and members of the public use cutting-edge technology to fight back.   




This 120 KG breaker attachment was stolen from a national plant hire company and recovered the same day. The Nissan Van that the breaker was hidden inside was tracked to Waltham and towed away by Essex Police. The owner of the van was the next day assisting the police with their enquires. We would also like to thank police officer DC James Elliott from PANIU Plant and Agriculture National Intelligence Unit for all of his support on this operation.




We detected a static caravan illegally moving from a site near Wrexham and contacted the owner who confirmed the van was being stolen. The van was tracked to a location 30 miles south where Police attended to confirm the van position. The owners were delighted to have been informed about the theft and to have their van back without damage. 



NaVCIS help to locate & recover a Stolen Renault Van in Southampton with stolen tools, whacker and breaker inside


An Automatrics MTrack was covertly fitted inside a breaker digger attachment, the recovery of the stolen breaker lead to the location of other stolen tools and equipment hidden inside a stolen van. Many Thanks to National Vehicle Crime Intelligence Service Officer Nathan Ricketts for all your help and support a great result!   




Kent Police were directed to recover a stolen static caravan after it was illegally moved from a site near Ashford. The Automatrics MTrack automatically signalled an out of area alarm on its removal. The van was hidden in a yard 30 miles away. This latest recovery now takes our tally to 12 static caravan recoveries with 100% success.


Some stolen plant is just too big to hide in a transit van This stolen 3 Ton Takeuchi mini digger was hidden in a narrow gully beside a railway track embankment and an industrial business park. The plant hire customer was targeted by professional organised criminals with stolen identities who conducted a fraudulent plant hire.


The current practice of thieves hiding stolen plant inside vans continues. This time around it was a brand new Thwaites dumper truck stolen overnight from a site near Weston Super Mare. Automatrics were contacted in the morning and a radio finder was deployed to the GSM cell search area. The signal was traced to a Ford Transit Van parked in a busy street in Bristol.



There can't be much equipment that isn't used in anger for eight years. So when an Automatrics client reported a stolen Volvo ECR 28 digger today it was finally time for this device, first installed in Feb 2007 to perform.


The tracking unit worked like a dream being remotely triggered to report a GSM Cell close to the theft site near Blackpool. The client used radio finding equipment to locate the machine just 55 minutes later. Great Result !


The theft of a Takeuchi TB016 Mini Digger from a site near Solihull Birmingham was reported by a national Pant Hire company at 4pm. The Automatrics MTrack activated within 10 minutes to report a GPS position just north of Coventry. The Customer and Police attended the recovery site where land owners were being questioned.



Another happy customer collects his stolen scooter directly from the Automatrics radio finder + Met Police in NW5. Previously this owner watched on helplessly when his last unprotected motorcycle was stolen in a van and there was absolutely nothing he or the police could do to get it back. He was determined never to be in that situation again so choose to invest in the Automatrics MTrack recover service.

Good Move !


Customer reported a Takeuchi excavator, trailer and compactor stolen this morning After returning back to work after Easter. The Automatrics MTrack was activated, a GPS position confirmed it was parked up on farmland in South Wales. Customer collected equipment with help from South Wales Police and the land owner.


This second recovery was made even more remarkable when another unprotected stolen Yamaha R6 was found at the same site along with several other stolen motorbike bagged up parts. You can watch the entire recovery operation summary video on the Automatrics Video page. The Automatrics finder witnessed the second stolen R6 being wheeled into a private residence garden. NaVCIS were contacted and helped to arrange support from the Metropolitan Police and SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency). The customer collected his bike from a street close by.


Being Friday 13th was a bit of a concern when a new roller was reported stolen this morning. But we needn't have worried as the Automatrics MTrack system performed well. We received a valid GPS position report despite the two month old Bomag roller being hidden indoors, wedged tight up against an inside wall.


This position was relayed to South Wales Police and the roller was soon located by an officer inside a large disused industrial unit. The client and the hirer were especially pleased the machine was completely undamaged and immediately ready to go back to work. Unfortunately... no Banksy was found hidden amongst the somewhat colourful wall graffiti.


Menace to Gloucestershire's roads jailed after stealing a £20,000 caravan, two parcel delivery vans and a taxi. Four men were convicted following the safe recovery of his stolen Hobby caravan back in July 2013. Sentences ranged from one man receiving 8 months in prison, and the others having 6 months suspended sentences and community service for handling stolen goods. The Hobby caravan worth £20,000 was sold on for just £600.


Plant Hire firm reported a mini digger stolen from Birmingham over the weekend. Automatrics received a cell location outside Manchester. An Automatrics finder was dispatched to use radio direction finding equipment to locate the digger. The 1.5 Ton Takeuchi Mini excavator had been carefully loaded inside a Transit van. The criminals likely hoped to defeat any GPS fitted tracker by placing it inside the van to block satellite signals whilst they disconnected the vehicle battery. But, neither power or GPS satellites are needed by the Automatrics MTrack. AVCIS were contacted to run checks and Greater Manchester Police arrived in minutes to recover the vehicle to a safe compound. The transit was recovered before it was even reported stolen! Video footage coming soon...


Customer reports his Vespa stolen when he left work. Automatrics remotely alarmed the Automatrics MTrack unit and dispatched a radio signal finder to find the scooter despite GPS signals being blocked. The Metropolitan Police soon arrived to help secure the scooter until the owner collected at 3 am. One of the attending Police officers was totally impressed with the accuracy and ability of the Automatrics MTrack radio signal location system, he rated accuracy as far superior to the old Tracker Network VHF radio system. He further commented that the average daily tally of 15-20 stolen motorcycles in their London patch alone could definitely benefit from such an accurate and dedicated service. The owner called the next day to thank the whole team involved.


A nationwide criminal, wanted by police in four counties has finally been arrested thanks to a theft recovery operation involving an Automatrics MTrack protected caravan. The man was arrested following Automatrics sixth successful caravan recovery this year which maintains the companies 100% caravan recovery performance. All of this years caravan thefts were reported to customers who didn't even know that their caravan had been stolen !


Four years after an Automatrics MTrack self powered tracker was hidden in a static caravan it has today detected a theft in progress. The owners were contacted and confirmed the van stolen to Manchester Police. Within 20 minutes a police helicopter was heading towards the reported road networks. Automatrics relayed the tracker location directly to police officers on the helicopter and to Cheshire Police. The Caravan transporter and an accompanying vehicle were intercepted and escorted by two police cars into the M6 services. Automatrics have now recovered 10 statics out of 10 stolen, not a bad record. Well done to all involved !


Owners can arm their Automatrics MTrack motion sensor with a remote control. At 06.15 am this morning Automatrics 24/7 monitoring received an illegal movement alarm from a clients Yamaha Fazer motorcycle. The customer was immediately notified of the alarm and soon contacted Automatrics to confirm the bike had been stolen. The GPS position of his machine was relayed to the police and the bike was recovered hidden close by within 2 hours.


Automatrics have once again reunited a motorcycle theft victim with their machine just hours after it was stolen, this, despite the tracking unit GPS signals being blocked.

When the owner arrived to collect his bike he thanked the Automatrics radio finder who located the bike working with the Metropolitan Police. On close inspection of the rather gorgeous machine he soon identified that the battery, the alarm, and the i...mmobiliser had all been stripped from the bike.

Ultimately the Automatrics MTrack being self powered and covertly hidden was unaffected by the security systems attack.

There may have been a less favourable outcome had the owner unwisely opted for a conventional wired in GPS only tracker.


Automatrics MTrack illegal movement alarm was received this evening indicating a static caravan theft in progress. The customer was informed, confirmed the caravan stolen and contacted Cleveland Police. The police checked out the tracker location to find the stolen caravan within an hour, a man was arrested on scene. Automatrics maintain their 100% performance on identifying theft in progress and the safe recovery all o...f protected caravans.

As a proven specialist caravan security provider Thatcham have this week requested Automatrics to help support with an identification of some new caravan recovery tracker standards. The request was made at the 2014 AVCIS and IAATI vehicle crime conference held at Henry Ford College Loughborough.


Bomag rollers are proving to have a high theft risk as a second machine is recovered in less than 4 weeks. Automatrics were asked to dispatch a radio finder to conduct a search near Chelmsford. The Bomag tracker signal was traced to a small industrial area and Essex Police officers escorted the finder to discover the machine in an equipment yard.


An Automatrics Self Powered MTrack device installed over four years ago has completed its task. Having a credible long life self powered tracker to protect any caravan is hugely important. Automatrics 24/7 monitoring received a proactive "out of area alarm" as the caravan was stolen from a site in the early morning hours, the owner confirmed the van was stolen. An Automatrics radio finder was dispatched to locate the van supported by Staffordshire Police where a man was arrested


Automatrics MTrack tracker activates to pinpoint stolen pickup truck AVCIS police national unit were contacted to support and the truck was safely back with the owner in just 28 minutes.


A national Plant Hire company reported a 2014 Bomag Roller stolen at 21.30. Automatrics were asked to dispatch a radio finder to SW15 area in South London. The Bomag was tracked and located at 23.00 in a residential area.


Plant Security risk assessments are an important tool to help owners identify Mini Diggers as having the highest plant equipment theft risk. The construction company owner in this case wisely protected their Bobcat Mini Digger to ensure that if stolen a swift recovery could be achieved. The theft was subsequently reported and an Automatrics finder dispatched to guide Essex Police to the machine within a 4 hour operation, located in an industrial park.


A stolen 2014 Defender Land Rover has been successfully located in a site in North London. The recovery operation involved an Automatrics Finder locating the special edition model in just 59 minutes, hidden in a cul de sac location within a private dwelling complex, behind steel access gates.


A customer called in a stolen dumper theft after it had been driven from away from a worksite by a bogus collection truck. The Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking unit was remotely activated and soon recovered in a joint operation with an Automatrics Finder working with and Dyfed and Powys Police. A police helicopter pin pointed the Dumper in a remote location in South Wales


Automatrics recovered a stolen Porsche Boxster from South London using Radio Location as the car was hidden from GPS Satellites. A finder recovered the car from a rather dodgy looking basement area under a set of flats within a few hours of it being reported stolen. The owner couldn't thank all involved enougth when the car was returned to him undamaged.


Stolen Trailer is recovered and AVCIS arrest the culprit in 30 minute recover operation + static caravan is recovered in Kent following a reported theft yesterday. Come on England ! sort it out in time for Euro 2016 so we can all be winners!


After waiting 6 days for a next day delivery, UPS final owned up to losing a multi thousand pound Automatrics delivery this morning.
The lost delivery thankfully included a tracking unit which was activated to report in Southampton. Jackie tracked it down with the handheld radio receiver, locating it inside a new UPS distribution centre.


A Yamaha YZF sports motorcycle was successfully reunited with its owner after it was reported stolen from a central London street location at 6pm. Automatrics finders used secret radio tracking receivers to track down the bike which had been hidden away in a restricted alley network close to the original theft site. The find team went on to safely return the bike to the rather relieved owner in person at 9.45pm. The bike recovery was completed in under 4 hours, before the police could even release officers to attend the search area.


A three ton Thwaites dumper was reported stolen overnight from a site north of the M25. Hire company owners contacted Automatrics to request the activation of the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery device. It was not long before the covert tracker reported a position in woodlands, meaning a difficult find was to be expected. An Automatrics radio signal finder was dispatched to the search area to meet up with Hertford...shire Police. Determined find teams searched the area, but were hampered by dense undergrowth and poor visibility. Finally the dumper was successfully located just before midnight with the help of a police helicopter search light. The Automatrics finder hotwired the dumper so it could be driven to a roadside location, where he remained with the vehicle until a transporter arrived at 2am.


Clients reported that one of their highly valued Range Rover cars had been stolen this morning following a residential burglary, where the car keys were taken.     

The Automatrics MTrack unit was placed into alarm and reported a position in North London. An Automatrics finding agent was immediately dispatched to the search site and the vehicle was located at 8 am, less than 1hr after it was reported stolen. The speedy recovery ...was achieved despite the car being hidden two floors below ground in a private access underground car park.

The agent remained with the vehicle until the Metropolitan Police were able to attend site at 9 am. Officers instinctively began to check other vehicles to discover at least 4 other reported stolen cars and a stolen motorcycle.

This remarkable find endorses Automatrics's claim to provide the Ultimate Security Tracking Service.


An Automatrics MTrack protected Range Rover was stolen with the keys following a burglary. An Automatrics finding agent was immediately dispatched to the reporting search site and the vehicle was located less than 1hr after it was reported stolen. The speedy recovery was achieved despite the car being hidden out of GPS view two floors below ground level in a private underground car park. The Automatrics finder remained with the vehicle until the Metropolitan Police attended site 1hr later, where they also discovered a further five stolen vehicles.


Plant Security, especially on Mini Diggers, as one of the UK’s most stolen items is of paramount importance. Automatrics successfully tracked a stolen mini digger taken from a site during normal working hours to a small builders yard a few miles away. The location was pinpointed and relayed to police who located the machine in a ten minute find operation. The Plant hire company owners reported that the machines electrics had been disturbed as thieves searched for a wired-in tracking unit.


Stolen Hanixs mini digger has been successfully recovered using Automatrics MTrack by Nottinghamshire Police in 10 minute police operation.


The customer who's Motorhome we helped to recover on the 1st September 2013 has called to advise a man has been arrested by Kent Police. The Police achieved a positive DNA match from samples taken at recovery site.


Scandinavian regional Marine Police have reported that the Automatrics MTrack tracking system has helped lead them to recover 9 Stolen Outboard Engines with two suspects also being arrested.


The ultimate Caravan Security system was tested last week when a Static Caravan worth over £65K was stolen and recovered in just 30 minutes. The Automatrics MTrack self powered tracking device detected an out of area alarm as the caravan was stolen from a site in South London. The Metropolitan Police sent two police vehicles to pursue and pull over a caravan transporter off the M2 motorway before it could reach the channel crossing. The caravan was safely returned to the owners undamaged just a few hours later.


The ultimate Caravan Security system was tested last week when a Static Caravan worth over £65K was stolen and recovered in just 30 minutes. The Automatrics MTrack self-powered tracking device detected an out of area alarm as the caravan was stolen. The Metropolitan Police sent two police vehicles to pursue and pull over a caravan transporter off the M20 motorway before it could reach the channel crossing. The caravan was safely returned to the owners undamaged just a few hours later.  


A further 2 arrests were made this morning by Devon and Cornwall Police on the latest Automatrics MTrack tracker covert theft recovery operation. The client commented once again on how professionally the operations was handled by Automatrics Melanie Worthington.


An Automatrics MTrack protected Motorhome was reported stolen from an owners drive this morning at 7.30am, it was then recovered just 90 minutes later by Kent Police near Dartford. The £40K Chausson 2012 model (based on the Ford Transit) GPS tracker position was emailed to Kent police by the Automatrics 24/7 service. The owners later went to collect the van and reported that the Cobra Alarm system was deactivated by what was believed to by a signal cloning device.


The vehicle dash had been partially removed where police believed criminals were looking for a conventional wired in tracking system. But with the Automatrics MTrack tracker owners can covertly hide the device to ensure it is not easily discovered. Police asked the owners where they had hidden the tracker? But the owners immediately replied with ‘ we are not telling you.... that’s our secret’..........Well done to the owners in selecting one of the Automatrics self powered tracking devices and then finding the perfect hide location to outsmart the thieves.


A £25,000 twin axle caravan was stolen from an owners drive whilst they were out. Only the discarded hitch and wheel locks remained. The Automatrics MTrack system was activated and led to the successful recovery of the caravan a few hours later; despite it being hidden inside a fully enclosed, and windowless lock up, 30 miles away. Gloucestershire Police made two arrests at the recovery site, achieving a great result for the customer, the insurer and the police.  


A stolen JCB WorkMax was successfully recovered yesterday evening in Mid Wales despite the efforts of a rather defensive herd of cows. The Automatrics MTrack radio tracking signal was picked up some 4 miles away from its final hiding place, signals were triangulated to identify the most likely location believed to be hidden inside buildings some 400 metres up on a hillside. The Police were contacted and soon visite...d the site with a search warrant.

The property was in a rural location surrounded by cow fields, a small herd of cows grouped together as if to try to block entry to the property but the three brave police officers from Dyfed and Powys Police valiantly pushed forward in their mission to find the stolen JCB which was soon found hidden inside one of the outbuildings. The police are continuing their investigations with arrests expected.


A plant hire company was thrilled to see the safe return of a stolen JCB WorkMax, recovered by an Automatrics finder working with Dyfed and Powys Police. The JCB had been fitted with an Automatrics MTrack unit and the radio tracking signal indicated it was hidden within a private hillside property in Mid Wales. Police armed with a search warrant accessed the property to find the JCB hidden inside a large shed. The property owners are assisting the police with their enquires.


A practically new twin axle caravan worth over £25,000 was recovered in just afew hours despite it being hidden inside a building. Police made two arrests at the recovery site, achieving a great result for the customer, the insurer and the police.    

The owners were thrilled to collect their Caravan that same day, later commenting “The recovery service from Automatrics was just fantastic” when he called back the next day to thank the company personally for providing such a great service.


Caravan Security was successfully demonstrated when an Automatrics MTrack protected static caravan was recovered by West Mercia Police in an operation of less than 60 minutes. The protected caravan reported an illegal movement alarm at 8pm. Automatrics immediately contacted the owners who confirmed a theft in progress. The trackers live GPS positions were relayed to police who apprehended a transporter driver south of Hereford.  


An Automatrics MTrack protected 2013 model static caravan was successfully recovered in less than 60 minutes by West Mercia police. Automatrics received an out of area alarm at 8pm during abnormal van movement. West Mercia Police were continuously advised of the vans positions via live updates, and they soon confirmed that the driver of a transporter truck was apprehended a few miles south of Hereford. Richard Taylor from Automatrics commented, ‘ We are seeing an increase in theft in recent weeks, our proactive alarming systems enable us to respond immediately when protected assets are stolen, this gives the police a head start and thus leads to more arrests’.


Tracker undercover operations are a regular business activity for Automatrics staff working with several international security organisations and Law enforcement. Today West Sussex Police made two arrests where two sets of undisclosed Automatrics MTrack protected goods were recovered in a 45 minute live track through backstreets.


Melanie Worthington from Automatrics relayed live GPS updates to Police in a 25 minute recovery operation. Undisclosed stolen items were placed in a vehicle and driven through several backstreets whilst an undercover police team followed them. The criminals appeared to realise that they had some unwanted company and immediately proceeded to take a series of backstreet manoeuvres to evade pursuing vehicles. They had little chance of success with the Automatrics MTrack reporting every detour and hiding place.


Plant Security tracking operation using the Automatrics MTrack successfully recovers a stolen JCB 2CX. The owners, a Plant Hire Company, called Automatrics to report the machine stolen from a roadside near Cardiff. The tracking device was instructed to switch to live reporting and an Automatrics radio location finder was dispatched to the GSM location area and soon found the machine parked in a hillside location close to woods at 4.30pm.


The protected JCB went missing overnight from a vulnerable roadside location close to the M4 in South Wales. It was reported stolen to Automatrics 24/7 first thing on the 30th May by one of Automatrics larger Plant Hire Companies. Automatrics put the tracking unit into alarm and dispatched a radio finder who located the JCB within 45 minutes of arriving at the GSM search site. The ow...ners were delighted to see the safe return of the JCB which was returned completely undamaged. The JCB driver was super quick to get the machine back to a secure compound. It was then revealed that the driver was in fact a subcontractor who was entirely responsible for the financial loss of the machine had it not been recovered so the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery system had saved him over £10,000 loss wander he had such a massive smile on his face!!!


Caravan Trackers from Automatrics lead Staffordshire Police to recover a brand new static caravan worth over £55,000 which was stolen only 7 days after it had arrived at a site in Shrewsbury. The Automatrics MTrack self powered tracking unit reported an illegal movement and could be seen to be travelling. After receiving a theft confirmation, Automatrics guided the police to catch up with the transporter on the A53.  


Plant Trackers from Automatrics lead Manchester Police to recover a Takeuchi Mini Digger stolen from a customer’s site in Derby. The Plant Hire owners contacted Automatrics at 8.30am to report the theft and the mtrack was placed into alarm. Police recovered the machine 4 hrs after it was reported stolen and made three arrests at the scene, which also exposed a cannabis farm.


Plant Security credentials clearly demonstrated once again by Mtrack after Automatrics report a second arrest in two days. A Volvo mini digger stolen from a hire company near Manchester was quickly located just 3 hours later when Automatrics operational staff remotely directed Manchester Police to the hide location in Rochdale. The Police confirmed the plant serial number and arrested suspects at the scene.


Mtrack Tracker first arrest of 2013. An Mtrack protected Suzuki Quad Bike was stolen from an owners farm near Telford. Automatrics deployed a finder and the quad was located a few hours later using GSM and RF location with an Automatrics finder working alongside to guide in Stafford Police. The Quad was quickly identified and one man was arrested at the scene.


Mtrack recovery includes an arrest. A new £55K Takeuchi Excavator, stolen from a site in Lancashire, was located using GSM and RF location by an Automatrics Finder working alongside Manchester Police. The plant was quickly identified to the rightful hire company owners and one man was arrested at the scene.


Plant Security presents no problem to mtrack in Halloween ‘Trick n Track’ operation. The mtrack tracker recovered a stolen Mini Digger complete with trailer and tow vehicle. The complete rig, stolen from a driveway, was located by an Automatrics finder just 90 minutes after receiving theft confirmation. The company director attended site and was very pleased that all the equipment was recovered without any damage.  


Battery powered mtrack tracker recovers Land Rover in less than one hour. The security-conscious owner of a highly prized Land Rover had fitted an extensive set of anti-theft technologies, including a wheel lock, a clutch and brake lock and a state of the art immobiliser. However, despite all these theft deterrents, his Land Rover was stolen overnight. Fortunately the owner also fitted an MtrackPro Active tracker. The theft was reported to Automatrics at 7.50 am, and by 8:50am police confirmed that officers had located the stolen car at the Mtrack reported location. The owner was extremely happy to be notified of the imminent safe return of his car in such a short time period.  


Automatrics Mtrack service leads Grampian Police officers to apprehend a male driver who had stolen a trailer from a lay by near Elgin Scotland. Automatrics received an illegal movement alarm from the stolen trailer after it had been parked up in a lay by. The emergency contact was called and confirmed the trailer was stolen. The police were guided by Automatrics’ 24/7 operational staff through a live track enabling the police to catch up with a white van and apprehend the driver. The operation lasted a mere 45 minutes.


Four stolen Quad bikes recovered when an Automatrics radio finder successfully led Telford & Wrekin Police officers to a rural hideaway. The battery powered mtrack was hidden in a Quad bike that was reported stolen a few hours earlier. The Mtrack was activated and a finder deployed. Police officers rendezvoused with the Mtrack finder at 3am who then led seven officers on foot to the hide location. In addition to the mtrack equipped Quad, officers recovered another 3 Quads, found in undergrowth at the same hideaway location. The finder reported ‘it was just like attending an undercover show...’. No doubt three lucky owners have one prudent owner to thank for the return of their quads, as it was only his wise investment in Mtrack that enabled their bikes to be safely returned.  


A Takeuchi mini excavator was recovered within 5 hours by Rochdale Police. Automatrics staff tracked the excavators movements to direct Police to the scene, officers reported a further three machines suspected of being stolen found at the same industrial site.


Automatrics’ finder guides Metropolitan Police to recover a valuable Mercedes. The £40K car was one of two cars stolen with the vehicle keys (taken during a residential burglary). The second car was not fitted with mtrack and is still missing, whilst the mtrack protected Mercedes was successfully located in under 3 hours using the mtrack’s reliable GSM and RF location technology.


A second static caravan successfully recovered in 4 weeks. The mtrack “Out of Area” alarm once again notified the Automatrics 24/7 monitoring staff that the van was on the move. The monitoring team tracked the caravan theft ‘live’ and co-ordinated the find operation with Surrey Police using mtrack’s GSM location system. The stolen caravan was quickly identified, followed and stopped by the police. The driver was arrested at the scene. Excellent results as the mtrack alarm, customer confirmation, theft reporting, asset location and finally the Police arrest were all completed in less than one hour.  


Mtrack “Out of Area” alarm enables the safe recovery of a static caravan by police officers (equipped with mtrack radio receiving equipment). The owners confirmed “a theft in progress” and the van was then tracked for over 60 miles. Automatrics 24/7 monitoring staff co-ordinated the recovery operation with police officers from PANIU (the Plant and Agricultural National Intelligence Unit). The van was successfully recovered a few hours later as part of joint operation involving the Metropolitan, Surrey and Kent Police.  


Automatrics’ finder guides Police officers to locate a stolen Bomag Roller taken from a service station. The valuable roller was successfully located just minutes after the finder arrived at the mtrack search site. The stolen plant equipment was hidden in the back of a closed sided van and prompted one intrigued Somerset & Avon Police officer to ask “How did that work without any GPS signal?”. It demonstrated mtrack’s powerful GSM and RF tracking ability.


A jubilant Yorkshire farmer celebrates the safe recovery of TWO stolen tractors. The New Holland tractors, with a combined value of £80K, had both been protected with their own mtrack unit so the owner was confident that Automatrics would be able to help. South Yorkshire Police took just 45 minutes to find the first tractor, just off road behind some trees. Meanwhile North Yorkshire Police had a more difficult task, requiring them to venture on foot to reach the mtrack position where the second tractor was discovered bogged down in fields just short of woodland.


A car hire company, unable to contact a customer who failed to return a Range Rover Sport, were naturally concerned when a competitors tracker was then found to have been disabled. This was one of several Range Rovers stolen within days of each other. However, their decision to also fit mtrack paid dividends, despite the fact that their mtrack showed the car was already in France, it was still recovered within hours. 


Guinness World records to be contacted following a £5 million load recovery operation from a Hijacked truck. This valuable load was successfully located just hrs after mtrack service providers, ETS in South Africa, were notified of the theft. The ETS SA finder, working in association with local Law Enforcement officers, homed in on the mtrack signal hidden deep inside the high value cargo after two competitors tracking units, wired into the cab, failed to respond. This remarkable mtrack recovery is believed to be the “highest value recovery ever”, through strategic placement of an after theft recovery tracking device.  


Terex Dumper successfully located and identified to the owners just 5 hrs after Automatrics were notified of the theft. The Automatrics Finder located the mtrack signal and rendezvoused with Kent police to search an industrial complex protected by guard dogs. Police sourced a warrant to search the entire complex, and more ‘suspect’ equipment at the site will be investigated.  


A national plant hire company are celebrating their third successful mtrack recovery operation this year. The latest theft involved a Takeuchi Mini Digger. The Automatrics 24/7 monitoring team initiated transmission of the recovery signals and the digger was successfully traced to a Manchester car park.


Following a low battery warning, a customer posted their mtrack off to Automatrics for a routine service. However the unit failed to arrive and was thought to be lost. The mtrack was subsequently placed into alarm and reported its location from the centre of Fareham, just a few miles from our office We quickly traced the signal to a local bank where helpful but intrigued bank staff used our receiving equipment to find the mtrack stored away in a back office and commented “...the best fun had all day”


Mtrack recovers a brand new Jaguar after tracking it over 750 miles. The Automatrics 24/7 monitoring controllers utilised both the mtrack’s GSM and GPS tracking technologies and were able to reassure the car’s owner throughout the operation. Just 2 hours later, the owners were happily reunited with the undamaged vehicle.


Having successfully recovered a Telehandler a year ago, the same mtrack unit was transferred several times and has now led to a second successful recovery. The client called the Automatrics 24/7 monitoring service and a finder was immediately deployed. Local police then arrived at the search area and intercepted a suspect whilst he was still attempting to load the stolen equipment onto a trailer.  


Automatrics MTrack recovers second 2011 model Range Rover in a week, this highly sought after vehicle was recovered from a private driveway in Shrewsbury. The vehicle owner called Automatrics 24/7 help line and was reunited with his vehicle just hours later.  


A £32,000 JCB was successfully recovered once an Automatrics mtrack finder led Hampshire Police to a location near Fleet. The owners were especially pleased as the quick recovery operation helped ensure that a valuable attachment had remained intact.  


The owner of an expensive Range Rover reported that his vehicle was one of several cars taken from a restaurant cark park whilst on hire. The Range Rover was successfully recovered a few hours later thanks to mtrack location reports, which identified the car’s position to the Metropolitan Police. The location is known by Police to be a drop off point for stolen vehicles.


A £29,000 excavator, stolen from a work site in broad daylight was located within hours of the theft. Police were in attendance just 3 minutes after the Automatrics finder determined a positive location, and then assisted the owners who arrived shortly afterwards to collect their machine.


A highly prized JCB Telehandler was successfully recovered within hours of the mtrack being activated. An eagle eyed operator saw the Telehandler being stolen and took up chase but lost it through fields. Search efforts using five local Police vehicles also failed to locate it, so the owners called Automatrics’ 24/7 number to activate the vehicles mtrack unit. An Automatrics finder was dispatched to the indicated search area and led Police officers to the stolen equipment despite it being well hidden.  


The first find of the year saw several Essex Police officers in attendance as a lighting system was located and recovered from inside an industrial building. This particular recovery is testament to the mtrack’s superior design which enables the recovery of stolen assets from inside buildings, something which all too often defeats most tracking systems.


A £65K sports car, which was stolen when thieves quietly broke into the owners house to obtain the keys; was recovered by Clydesdale police within forty minutes of the mtrack alarm activation. Having previously suffered from a costly unrecovered car theft earlier in the year, the owner searched for a more effective tracker and found mtrack, supplied by Automatrics Limited.
The owner, Mr Turbill, stated “I just wanted to thank you for your efforts today. The car was fully recovered and undamaged due to your mtrack service. Apart from the most obvious, in that the system worked, the most impressive part was that you kept me fully up to date. I must have had half a dozen calls from your office until the car was recovered. Keeping me up to date as to what was happening. You even called to alert me when it was on the move by the police.
I will certainly be placing more orders in the new year and will have no hesitation in you using my name in any marketing material.”


With the assistance of Essex Police, valuable specialist lighting equipment was recovered from a remote location and demonstrated the considerable determination of the find team who hiked across some 2km of snow covered terrain in order to locate the asset.  


A new £20K generator is recovered within hours from Doncaster.  Having to replace a generator stolen a few weeks earlier, the prudent owner decided it was time to fight back and protect the new generator with mtrack, just in case the thieves returned. Within weeks, Automatrics 24/7 monitoring staff were contacted with the news that the replacement generator had been taken from the same site, despite being cemented into the ground. The Metropolitan Police Plant & Agricultural intelligence Unit (PANIU) attended the mtrack find operation along with local officers. Despite thieves having broken into all the electrical cabinets in search of wired-in tracking units, the mtrack avoided detection as it has no wires.


 Plant Hire company relies on mtrack to recover a stolen Volvo excavator worth £23K.
This asset was remotely tracked for over 100 miles heading towards Dover. Automatrics 24/7 monitoring staff contacted the Metropolitan Police Plant & Agricultural National Intelligence Unit (PANIU) to provide support on the finding operation. The mtrack finder confirmed the tracking signal was emanating from a Polish lorry on the M25, the exact position was communicated to Surrey traffic officers who were waiting ahead at Junction 6 on the hard shoulder. Surrey Police then intercepted the lorry and escorted it to services where the trailer was searched. The mtrack protected Volvo excavator was seized along with two caravans and a large generator, the Polish driver was cautioned at the scene.  


It’s not just the July weather that is hotting up. The effectiveness of our mtrack tracker service was ably demonstrated this week, with four customers reporting assets stolen in just two days. The mtrack protected assets included two large items of plant equipment, a quad bike and a rare Ferrari, all found within hours. This further tracking success reinforces mtrack’s reputation as the world’s leading Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) tracker system. 


The owner of two valuable Mercedes trucks called Automatrics when his customer stopped making payments. Fearing a potential fraud, he requested the trucks be recovered as soon as possible. Each truck was fitted with an mtrack tracking device, and were both found on the same site 2 hours later.


A concerned customers’ early hours call for help was received by Automatrics’ 24/7 response centre. The installation of the tracking system on a JCB Telehandler proved to be an invaluable investment. The machine, valued at over £30K, was stolen from a work site in Hull, and the mtrack reported the new location to be some fifty miles away. Automatrics then contacted the police specialist plant theft unit, who immediately deployed officers to rendezvous with the Automatrics finder at the search site. Using mtrack's RF tracking technology, the finder quickly led the police to the stolen JCB.


Mtrack, the only battery-powered tracker accredited by Thatcham, not only led a find team to a stolen skip's location within hours, it also reported its own theft before the owners or their customers realised it was even missing. The bespoke configuration resulted in the mtrack being able to determine that it was outside its operational area.


When it was discovered that the same person had hired 2 cars, one of which had been discovered by police in a shipping container along with several others; the owners called us immediately fearing their Porsche Carrera 4s, might become involved in a case of fraud. The Porsche was in North East London but was driven off soon afterwards. At one point, the find team spotted the car leaving a roadside cafe. After travelling some 75 miles in all, it arrived back at the original location where police met with the find team and protected the vehicle until the owner arrived to collect the car.


Further to a successful tractor recovery in November, the same mtrack customer reported a second theft during the Christmas / New Year break. A valuable tractor was extracted through work site security fencing near Thetford. The GSM location was relayed to the customer and the local police whilst an Automatrics finder was dispatched. The tractor was located following further investigation a few hours later hidden in woodland some 30 minutes’ walk from the nearest road.


A large plant hire company, one of the largest users of mtrack in the UK, called to report the theft of a Kubota mini digger. The mtrack unit soon gave a gsm position near to Farnham and a finder was sent to the location. Once the RF signal was acquired, the police dispatched an officer to rendezvous with the finder, the asset was spotted 10 minutes later and loaded onto a recovery truck within the hour.


Good job a conscientious plant hire company invested in mtrack to protect their valuable tractor fleet which simply vanished from site. The owners called Automatrics’ 24/7 mtrack line to advise one tractor was stolen and another was missing presumed stolen. The missing unit was located within the hour thanks to the GSM location footprint which was sufficient for the customer to locate the asset. The second tractor was completely hidden so an mtrack radio direction find was needed. A trained finder arrived to rendezvous with Norwich police officers at the cell site location and within 20 minutes of picking up the mtrack radio signal, the tractor was found in a quarry north of Earsham. 


When a prestige hire car was not returned, the hire company suspected a fraud and contacted the police. As the car was protected with a Thatcham Accredited mtrack, the police agreed to get officers involved and quickly contacted Automatrics' mtrack monitoring centre. The mtrack immediately showed the car was heading along the M20 toward the Channel Tunnel junction. With regular, accurate positions, the police successfully intercepted the vehicle within 20 minutes.


Automatrics' international tracking facilities enabled Greenpeace to expose shortfalls in the UK councils recycling procedures. An mtrack unit was placed inside a Television set and successfully tracked to markets in Nigeria. The television had been deliberately damaged by Greenpeace and should then have been recycled responsibly 


Mtrack identifies a stolen JCB inside the lead vehicle of Polish Lorry convoy which was then stopped by Cumbria Highway Police. The JCB was successfully recovered along with a transit van, a Kubota Mini Digger, two generators and some furniture.
“From a hirer’s point of view, the Automatrics units are a godsend,” says Fraser Tool Hire’s General Manager, Michael Lydon. “They are totally independent of the machine they are fitted to and, being magnetic and roughly the size of a cigarette packet, they can be moved from asset to asset, even to items without a power source such as trailers. The level of service from Automatrics can only be described as exemplary.”



A stolen Mercedes CLS was located after a thirty minute radio search by the mtrack find team at Southampton Container Port. Despite being hidden inside a shipping container, the mtrack location technology has again proven itself with performance levels that go beyond even the most expensive CAT 5 rated systems. GPS tracking systems simply cannot cope in these circumstances and this find demonstrates clearly the advantages of GSM and radio technology.


A generator, stolen from Chris Evans' pub, The Mulberry Tree in Chiddingfold, was stolen during the weekend and reported stolen on Monday. The generator was succesfully recovered near Farnham within hours.