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Stolen Piaggio Scooter Recovered in South London

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Motorcycle Security Recovery Operation of a Stolen Paiggio by Automatrics for the Ultimate Motorcycle Tracker Protection

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Stolen Piaggio Recovered After purchasing the Automatrics MTrack Proactive just 3 months earlier the system was called into action when the customers Piaggio Beverley 350cc Scooter was stolen from a street in North London

The system was armed by remote control which meant as soon as the scooter moved the unit transmitted a silent alert to Automatrics 247 alarm central. The customer called in to confirm the scooter had been stolen. The motorcycle tracking system reported a GPS position in woods on the outskirts of a park near Twickenham and a radio signal finder was dispatched to the cell site. The radio signal finder once at site contacted the Metropolitan Police and four police officers were in attendance to support the finding operation within 15 minutes.

The Automatrics finder equipped with a portable GPS in his pocket was able to communicate with the tracking operator to help guide him and the police across a park into the woods area. When they were within 50 metres of the scooter tracker system the finder used a portable radio direction finder to lead the police into bushes, down a bank to the scooter which had been hidden under trees. The barrel locking device had been removed from the Piaggio but other than that it was undamaged.

Police officers helped to push the scooter back to the roadway and the customer was contacted to collect the scooter. Police officers collected the customer in a police vehicle to take him to the recovery site but unfortunately he could not ride it home as the battery had been removed by the bandits". The Automatrics MTrack Stolen motorcycle tracking system is the preferred choice for our customer as it is especially suited to the higher protection needs of motorcycles and scooters. This unique tracking system has self-powered or vehicle powered options. The advanced three layer location technology enables any vehicle to be tracked and recovered even in the most challenging environments. Such as underground car parks, in the back of a van or inside a shipping container.

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