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Car Tracker from Automatrics Recovers Stolen Mercedes Cab AMG Line Recovery Operation 6 December 2017

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Stolen Mercedes AMG Line Hire Car is Recovered with GPS GSM and RF Car Tracker after we received an emergency call from a customer at 6pm telling us one of their high value AMG hire cars had been reported stolen by their client.
We alarmed the Automatrics car theft recovery tracking unit to give report a GPS position behind some houses in St Denys, Southampton, just 15 minutes from our offices. We deployed a RF Tracker recovery investigator with radio signal tracking receivers to attend and secure the 2017 registered AMG Cabriolet until the police could attend the site.

The car keys were reported lost a few days earlier and the attending Police officer suggested the keys were likely stolen by bandits to simply drive the car off later. The vehicle was found within 60 minutes tucked away amongst some garages. The Automatrics radio signal finder picked up the signal emanating from a quite back alley. The car had been parked up alongside some garages. Hampshire police arrived at the find site to supervise the vehicle forensic recovery operation..

The finder was able to pick up from the stolen car tracking device radio beacon using specialist radio direction signal finding equipment.The secret radio signal was emanating from the Mercedes parked up behind housing. The Automatrics MTrack Stolen Vehicle tracking system is the preferred choice for many hire car owners as it is especially suited to the higher protection needs of car hired equipment. Despite criminals searching for wired trackers the Automatrics MTrack self-powered system could not be found.

This unique tracking system has self-powered or vehicle powered options. The advanced three layer location technology enables any vehicle or portable asset to be tracked and recovered even in the most challenging environments. Such as underground car parks, in the back of a van or inside a shipping container.

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