We received a call from our customer advising a Transit flatbed pickup had been stolen from their yard near Salisbury. We sent a signal to activate the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery tracking system and the vehicle was tracked to Uxbridge where it was parked in a residential area. The customer had two vehicles close by to that location, so they went to investigate and then used one of the vehicles to block the transit path until the Met Police could arrive to secure the vehicle. However the police could not attend for a number of hours, time passed, and we received a motion alert from the vehicle and our customers confirmed the vehicle used to block the transit had been simply knocked aside by the bandits returning to the stolen vehicle, bashing the blocking vehicle out of the way and then driving off to another location south of Colham Green. 


Automatrics dispatched a signal finder to the location, where he soon arrived to wait outside a small industrial estate for Wiltshire Police, who as investigating officers from the theft site took over from the Metropolitan Police role when they failed to respond.  When the police arrived within an hour and the Automatrics finder directed Wiltshire officers using the RF receiver to the stolen transit location deep inside the yard. The flat bed had already been removed and the vehicle was in the process of being dismantled. The attending officers arrested four men on site and the transit complete with all its parts were later loaded onto a recovery vehicle to be transferred to a safe police storage site.