We received a call from a customer advising that he had eight plant machines stolen through a fraudulent hire. The bogus fraudster had stolen a legitimate companies identity by forging details on required hire documents. The theft remained undiscovered until the payments were not received and all contact numbers went dead.


The customer had two of his own machines plus six cross hired machines delivered. The Automatrics MTrack Proactive was installed in only one of the customers machines. We reviewed the GPS reporting location from inside a building near Colchester. The building Landlords were contacted and opened the building to eventually find the protected 1 ton dumper and the customers unprotected roller inside. However the other six cross hired machines had not been fitted with our tracking and were nowhere to be seen. Without our systems installed on these there was very little if any chance to find them.


This fraud clearly demonstrates the importance of more detailed security checks and need to fitment our theft recovery systems to all vulnerable hire machines, and especially cross hired machines which would need to be replaced at great cost.