We were connected early Saturday morning by our customers advising that they had reported one of the £70K Mercedes GLS hire as stolen. We triggered the Automatrics MTrack remotely into an alarm state to report a GPS inside a building in Rainham New Road A1306 near a car wash. We immediately dispatched a local finder who picked up the RF signal and reported location to attending Metropolitan Police. However the Police wanted 100% confirmation to apply for a search warrant to the building after a police helicopter sweep to the rear of the building failed to locate the stolen car, this was later confirmed by a second Automatrics RF signal finder who attended site. Police spent 5 hours in attendance waiting for a search warrant on the Saturday but totally failed to gain approval due to what we believe to have been a police application administration error. 


We kept watch on the vehicle location for a further few days until we managed with our customer to gain the landlords permission to open up the building. Automatrics finder again attended site to open up the building for the Police where they discovered the car had been dismantled, although all the parts were with the car apart from the wheels.