We had been contacted a week ago about a stolen John Deere Gator 255R. The unit took 6 days before we could alarm it to check its location. The Automatrics MTrack device was an eight year old GSM and RF only location model, meaning no GPS, so a radio signal finder was deployed to the GSM cell near Pontefract. The Automatrics finder immediately detected the RF signal upon his arrival. The signal appeared to be emanating from Upton Park and several West Yorkshire Police vehicles attended to support the radio find operation. The Park was clear and the Gator was soon found in the rear yard of a property opposite the park approximately 45 minutes later. The resident advised he was working to repair the stolen Gator for a guy who dropped it off. Police cautioned the man, advising he would need to attend the police station later for interview. He was not arrested due to COVID 19 risk as he had recently returned form Spain and feeling unwell.