Customer reports bike stolen 16.50 PM after it had been locked with a £200 reinforced chain at 1 PM. Bandits cut the chain with a portable grinder. This customer did not have the optional remote to arm his tracking unit motion sensor so we remotely alarmed the Automatrics MTrack system.


We recived a live GPS track location at a residential street near Croydon at 5.26 pm, about 3 miles south of the Wandsworth theft location. The Met Police were contacted on 999 and sent officers to check the area. They located the stolen bike 30 minutes later parked in a road. The customer collected his bike as it could be ridden away despite damage to the steering lock and the alarm system which had been disabled. Well-hidden, self-powered Automatrics theft recovery trackers are the best covert answer to find any stolen bike, thanks to the Met Police Cracking Tracking !