We received a motion alert at midday today and called the customer to check his Yamaha R6 motorcycle was OK. He confirmed the machine had been stolen from London Paddington, with no signs even of his locks. The bike was fitted with our device 16 days earlier after he had previously been let down with a different tracking provider that were unable to locate his last stolen bike.


We deployed a radio signal finder and using GSM site mapping tracked the bike to London N2. No GPS was reported indicating it was likely in the back of a van blocking GPS signals. Once the bike stopped we received a GPS fix close to the North Circular. The position was supplied to the Met. Police. Then at 13.50 our finder received a call from the police to say he could turn back as he had found the bike at the GPS location under a cover. The locks were all intact confirming the bike had been lifted and placed inside a vehicle to transport it to a cooling down area.