An Automatrics MTrack protected Motorhome was reported stolen from an owners drive this morning at 7.30am, it was then recovered just 90 minutes later by Kent Police near Dartford. The £40K Chausson 2012 model (based on the Ford Transit) GPS tracker position was emailed to Kent police by the Automatrics 24/7 service. The owners later went to collect the van and reported that the Cobra Alarm system was deactivated by what was believed to ...be by a signal cloning device.


The vehicle dash had been partially removed where police believed criminals were looking for a conventional wired in tracking system. But with the Automatrics MTrack tracker owners can covertly hide the device to ensure it is not easily discovered. Police asked the owners where they had hidden the tracker? But the owners immediately replied with ‘ we are not telling you.... that’s our secret’..........Well done to the owners in selecting one of the Automatrics self powered tracking devices and then finding the perfect hide location to outsmart the thieves.