We received a call at 6am from a farmer to advise his Honda TRX 420 ATV had been stolen. The customer had not used his remote control to arm the ATV motion sensor so we needed to send a remote activation signal to the Automatrics MTrack unit which connected at 08.16 just on the English and Welsh border at Shortcross. West Mercia Police were contacted and officer Carl Cassidy arranged for a vehicle to head out to the location. The ATV then moved to a second Farm location where Dyfed and West Mercia police had been redirected. Officers located the bike and arrested one male on site. 


The police continued to investigate the details of the theft a a man was prosecuted for the theft of the ATV. The customer received his ATV back and had to replace the key barrel lock which had been forced. Big thanks to West Mercia and Dyfed Police.