At 16.16 the Automatrics 24/7 monitoring operators detected an unusual power loss from an Automatrics MTrack Proactive fitted to a Thwaites 1 ton dumper. Based on the vulnerable location near Doncaster we called the client. All was OK at that time as the hirer had isolated the power deliberately as a security precaution. Automatrics still recommended the machine be returned to the depot as it was a very high theft risk machine in a vulnerable location. However after our customer contacted the hirers they decided to leave the machine on site. We remotely armed the motion sensor to detect a theft in progress just in case. At 22.56 we received a motion alert from the dumper although it remained in location with the machine power off. We called our customer and they confirmed to keep an eye on it and let them know if it moved.


At midnight we received another motion alert, this time the power was on and the machine moved down the road and then into a car park in the woods. We once again called our customer with a forecast 90% theft probability based on the machines new location in woods. Our customer was not able to contact the end user so we armed the motion sensor to keep close watch overnight.


Sure enough first thing in the morning the hirer confirmed the theft. They were sent the location and immediately collected the machine and had it back at work within 20 minutes.