The protected JCB went missing overnight from a vulnerable roadside location close to the M4 in South Wales. It was reported stolen to Automatrics 24/7 first thing on the 30th May by one of Automatrics larger Plant Hire Companies. Automatrics put the tracking unit into alarm and dispatched a radio finder who located the JCB within 45 minutes of arriving at the GSM search site. The ow...ners were delighted to see the safe return of the JCB which was returned completely undamaged. The JCB driver was super quick to get the machine back to a secure compound. It was then revealed that the driver was in fact a subcontractor who was entirely responsible for the financial loss of the machine had it not been recovered so the Automatrics MTrack theft recovery system had saved him over £10,000 loss ......no wander he had such a massive smile on his face!!!