Automatrics Limited are an associate member of the Combined Industries Theft Solutions (CITS)

CITS aims to raise awareness of the theft risk amongst owners and users, and to put the industry's views to the Police, Plant Manufacturers and other interested bodies. Automatrics is an Associated Member and has been supporting the organisation since 2009.


Automatrics took the opportunity at the AGM meeting to convey that more needed to be done in spreading the awareness in using after theft recovery tracking systems. Both the CPA and the CITS list various organisations who supply tracking equipment but there was very little else to advise if systems were independently Thatcham approved for theft recovery. Richard Taylor a Director at Automatrics informed all present that there was a lack of clarity on the fundamental design differences of Telemetry and SVR (Stolen Vehicle Recovery) tracking systems. Plant hirers were simply asking if a machine was trackered-up ? Believing in the event of a site theft, as long as the equipment was fitted with a tracker it could be quickly recovered without significant disruption or cost.


In reality OEM Telemetry tracking systems rarely achieve any theft recovery function. Telemetry tracking systems are most often “overt systems” installed by OEM specifically designed to report machine service information, ignition status and fuel use, the live GPS reporting of Telemetry systems tends to be oversold as a security function with low recovery performance.


SVR Thatcham approved tracking systems on the other hand and especially CAT 7 and P5 standard are specifically designed for theft recovery, they are independently tested and “covertly installed”. Recovery of machines fitted with these devices is significantly higher, and if self-powered devices are used these are typically over 90% effective.


Kevin Howells Managing Director of DataTag ID Limited suggested that a functionality matrix with approval status could be considered as had been created in the motorcycle security industry.