The Remote Control (RC) is used to arm and disarm the motion sensor on our older Proactive models (max 4 x RCs per device). The remote cannot be used on newer models Automatrics MTrack 4, 4+ and 5


This upgrades the older model system to a  "Proactive Tracking Device" specification where the device will immediately notify our server on any illegal movement, we then contact owners within five minutes.


The RC can alternatively be reconfigured by us to set and check a GSM or a GPS area (Geo-Fence) on each twelve hour wake cycle, used for example when a boat is kept on an exposed mooring where movement would be normal. 


You should select the RC option to protect assets kept on storage sites or for vehicles that can be stolen without the keys (through electronic compromise or OBD key reprogramming). Most car brands are now exposed to this type of theft, especially BMW, Audi, VW, Land Rover. 


Alternatively without an RC owners must firstly discovery the theft, contact us and possibly wait up to six hours (unit sleep cycle) before the unit can present us with live reporting.  



We optimise the motion sensor sensitivity remotely to minimise false alarms, for say poor weather conditions or passing traffic